Battlestar Galactica 41 - Love in The Brig

Mandatory “I’ll help!”.

While I don’t like losing one here, I’m not exactly flush with either type. Can contribute, but so far no help has been offered.

Leaning towards the choice unless @Perky_Goth or @rowe33 feels strongly otherwise

I can do some heavy lifting here - this seems like one we definitely want to pass. Would play a pre-check card if we go for it.

I think it’s pretty obvious I can’t.

Hmm if the pre check is what I think, this is doable, and plus morale is good.

Lets do it @Lantz @rowe33

So say we all.

@rowe33 precheck?

Not sure what Craig’s hoping for but play Eng 3 SR to make all Eng cards positive.

All engineering is positive

Starting with @Knightsaber

Nice! I can help.

Things change.

1 card


I card


3 for me


Ah, sorry, new job, new a lot of things going on and kind of forgot about this today.
No cards, though.

Well, looks like you all have contributed a lot. I’ll throw in one card just to make sure @CraigM

3 cards @Lantz

Well on the way to overkill another one!

Or maybe not.

Having the check spiked by my Cylon compatriot: Good.

Having the check overshot: Also good.

At least if we overshoot this one, we get a nice morale boost.