Battlestar Galactica 41 - Love in The Brig

Alright, Eng 3 Makes Engineering Positive:

Positive Cards:
Politics: +41
Tactics: 2 G&I, 2 LS, 5 SP
Engineering: 0 EN, 0 IU, 2 R, 4 C, 5 SR, 5 C

Negative Cards: -6
Piloting: 2 FT
Leadership: 4 AAC

Establish Network Doubles Engineering
Install Upgrades - @CraigM draws 2 Engineering
Slight Pass. +1 Morale

Basestar 1 - Rolls an 8
Basestar 2 - Rolls an 8

@CraigM damage Pegasus or Galactica?

Jump Prep +1.

Poor Pegasus…

Okay look.

Cylon Leader Motives are weird. I’m mostly harmless but will be doing some weird stuff.

I need to draw Treachery. @Lantz

Pegasus takes damage to the Engine Room and Main Batteries

@Knightsaber Six you have your hand.

I’m going to move to the Armory and 1R repair it.

Phone bold @Lantz


Admiral @rowe33 ?

I’ll take the top option since we have a spare. Why can’t I use this cylon detector that we just built??

Minus 1 Nuke. Heavies Move.

President @scottagibson you have your hand.

What’s the most useful thing I can do here, team? I can play quorum jackpot for resources, I can examine some loyalty, I can give someone else a turn.

Shoot something?

Best I could do with an XO would be to escort the civvy in 2 before it blows up and take a shot at one of the heavies I think. I’m also next though I would think I’m relatively safe on the Cylon front. I was vetted pre-sleeper and I’m sure we had a hidden one before Jorn went all robotic so no thread from the extra card he gave me.

popcorn gif etc etc

I’d prefer the civvie didn’t get killed but that’s about it right now.

Wait who is the CAG?

@Perky_Goth is

My bad on not updating that. The second post has a table of the lines of succession of the roles. Skulls aka @Perky_Goth is now CAG.

No worries, just for a minute I was scratching my head.

Much as I hate to do it I will play 1XO @rowe33 so he can do stuff. Biggest bang for the buck.

The Golden Rule, shattered. Wow.

Shattered without consequence here at least. Was hoping to shoot at the heavy in 4 but guess that doesn’t work out since I have to use two activations to launch & move one.

Activate Command x2. Launch fast viper in 3, move to 2. Escort civvy and blast the heavy. Play Tac 3 SP on the die roll.

@Lantz reminder about my post-crisis card when we get there.