Battlestar Galactica 41 - Love in The Brig

Roll is a 6+2 = destroyed heavy.


@rowe33 to start the check
@scottagibson to draw a card

I will go full evil if you purposefully fail this.

I can help a good bit here but will need help.

1 card for me.


I will draw Leadership @Lantz

Let me help with 2 cards.

Nothing @CraigM

shakes the bottom of my tool bag

1 card

I got 2 cards


I have nothing very helpful.


Won’t name names, but we’re waiting on someone to send me their card(s) so for once it’s not me :P

I’m drunk and it was me (yay work Christmas parties!)



Ooh, was there another? Plot twist! I updated last night


My internet is just out at home. I will hotspot my phone for a proper update if it doesn’t come back. Just haven’t had a chance while parenting.

No stress, it is the weekend.

Just checking in, don’t worry about it.

I’m not worried. I know how the check goes 😂

Positive Cards: +16
Leadership - 2 XO, 5 DE, 5 AAC
Tactics - 1 LS, 3 SP

Negative Cards: -10
Piloting: 3 CV, 4 MF
Treachery: 3 ABM

Check is +6 which would fail but @Knightsaber plays 3 DE to lower the check to +5 and a pass.

Due to the new house rule, we roll a 6 for ABM which means it takes affect and 2 Treachery are added to Destiny.

Three Raiders roll aim for Skulls and roll:
3 - miss
7 - Viper damaged and Skulls to Sickbay
6 - miss Galactica
Lone Raider aims at the Nugget:
7 - Viper damaged