Battlestar Galactica 41 - Love in The Brig

Well well well well well

On to turn 25. @rowe33 you have your turn.

So I guess at this point it seems likely that either Perky or Craig is the other toaster?

Which means its Perky. I haven’t drawn piloting since turn 1, and spent it long ago.

Also points at my turn

If I was a toaster, then playing my OPG after Jorn’s damage would have been super effective.

The cards tell all. It’s always the pilots.

Its a good thing we have a spare this time.

Deadbolt that fracking door!

Frankly, I’m appalled at such accusations against a triple purple heart.

I’d like to vaguely gesture at my attempt to get this spiked. You’re welcome humans. To jail with them, please. I would like that a lot.

I can sort this out with a couple of actions here.

I can hook someone up here. Best use is for the President? I’m not a huge fan of our suddenly defenders skies.

Yeah, I can use OPG to vet one of our pilots. And so on.

I’m useless until I draw cards again. And probably after that too.

And before that happens, we are going to have 2 Cylon turns in a row, either Perky + Jorn, or Jorn + Craig.

And you know its Perky. My OPG can also damage locations. Had I been cylon I could have all but ended the game, then and there. And I sure as hell don’t fix the FTL.

Go check my OPG wording if you are unsure, and my actions speak for themselves.

No argument. Just want a chance to confirm it and take appropriate action.

The OPG is true but a quick glance shows me that you drew two Piloting so far. I know that I took one. I’m looking for where you used one long ago.

In a skill check. When the Olympic showed up as one of the few piloting positive skill checks.

Fair, I was never one for trying to figure out what’s destiny and what isn’t. And yeah I paused there.

I’d imprison Perky for safety.

Are you going to trust someone who just joined to pay for dental school? I don’t think she even remembers how to shoot a gun since basic.