Battlestar Galactica Deadlock - A Frakking Good Time


…they have a plan.

Is the Switch version a touch game? How do you play the game with thumbsticks? The screenshots don’t show the HUD, just ships shooting at each other in space.

Thumbsticks pan and rotate the map.
Triggers zoom in and out
Shoulder buttons cycle through your ships
Movement orders via the dpad.
Buttons for special orders.

Neat! Though it’s a bummer that the Switch version is the base game only AND the add-on content isn’t even available . That seems a mite stingy for an (admittedly good) 2 year old game with $55 worth of DLC since then.


A follow-up on Switch DLC from the devs.

TLDR is that they haven’t started on the DLC and they aren’t promising that they ever will (depending on sales).

So I’m on the one hand wary of the port but OTOH get that they’d for sure never port any DLC if everybody acts this way.


So, nothing via touch?

There are also touch controls.

IIRC, they were the usual ones (two finger pan and tilt, long tap for menus, etc).

There’s a really neat, and extremely extensive, post analyzing the ship design of Battlestar Galactica in the context of historical warship design:

The TL:DR is that the Cylons won because the human ship design was terrible.

I just came across this person’s site a day ago, and it is a gold mine of historical/fictional nerdery. His posts on the LOTR are also worthwhile if you have a few hours to burn.

That’s a great read, thank you!

So which expansions, if any, are worth grabbing?

Broken Alliance, Sin & Sacrifice, Resurrection (i.e. Season 2)

Edit: The Reinforcement Pack is okay. Especially on sale.

Edit edit: Anabasis is awful.

Edit edit edit: Anabasis is basically doing the TV show. 1 Galactica style Jupiter class Basestar with a gang of civvies trying to run. But for reasons unknown they cranked the difficulty by 20x. It’s just silly hard.

Got all that? Okay.

Cool, thanks. Picking up the season two starter pack, which is the base game and Resurrection. For $18 seems great. May pick up others later, the season 1 deal is less impressive.

This is on sale, and there’s a heck of a lot of DLC for it. Any input on what to invest in?

Start with the base game and see if you dig it. It’s great, but you wanna be sure you like it before you fully dive in. The DLC will be on sale again, and the base game is already very robust.

It’s a hard game to watch other people play. I can’t really tell what they are doing most of the time.

As a frequent player of the game, I will add that it’s pretty much the same feeling during them except with more paranoia.

When you do get to the DLC, everything but Anabasis is solid.