Battlestar Galactica Deadlock is finally on sale

To buy this series has been ridiculously expensive and it seemed to never go on a “real” sale. Finally is, so if you don’t want to spend $150 to buy the series, grab it now.

Awesome. Just bought the season one bundle. I never thought about this game as I thought it was all real time battles but with the simultaneous orders then watching the turn unfold without controlling the ships, that’s a lot nicer for me, a turn based strategy gamer.

Well yeah, there are a whole lot of games on sale at the moment. There’s a sale going on, or so I hear.

Yes but this one has resisted having a real sale price and it’s infinitely expensive to get the whole experience. I did not expect this to end up in the Steam Summer Sale.

So I’ve got the base game. Is there any must have expansions? Does anything improve the base game or is it all campaigns?

I pretty much assumed I’d need season 1 dlc at least. I believe it has new ships too

This is where I am at. It looked super interesting, I got the base game, a few early DLCs, but then it got backlogged. It looks like a lot has come out since I bought it so I wonder if my backlog needs extra DLC of shame.

The Reinforcement pack adds some new ships worth having, and doesn’t cost much.

The Broken Alliance adds 8 new side-story missions to the (open) main campaign of the game, and some new ships as well.

Anabasis adds an entirely new game mode where the cylons chase your fleet while you try and protect the civilian ships, analogous to the TV show. It also adds some new munitions and some new missions to the main campaign.

The other three all add new, stand-alone campaigns as well as a few ships that can be used in any campaign/game mode (if researched).

I have the first three, and held off on the latter three since I haven’t even finished the main campaign yet.

I’m pretty sure that each DLC also adds ships, not just the Reinforcement Pack.

Anabasis doesn’t, and my descriptions of all the others says exactly that.

My bad, didn’t read close enough, apologies.