Battlestar Galactica for Starshatter

The above are intended for the new DX9 version of Starshatter. Initial release of is scheduled for sometime February.

Its going to be a Heavy Cruiser class, she will be able to put out a lot of firepower, but not as much as a Battlestar.

I have thrown all the old rules out with this mod, I think its time to start pushing the bounds again when it comes to game models.

The current setup will be

3,500 poly max for non-combat ships
4,000 poly max for fighters
10,000 poly max for stations
15,000 poly max for capital ships.

All ships, planets, and backgrounds will have 2048x2048 textures, however you will be able to use 1024x1024 just by selecting that as your max texture size in the config area.

I"m goin more the nbsg show, where you never see a ton of battlestars and what not on screen.

The focus in the missions will be keeping your core ships safe, there wont be 10 battlestars flying 5 meters apart from each other, they will be 100’s of kms away if not more, same with fleet formations.

more on the mod at Starshatter Central

Impressive. I wasn’t aware that there was such a decent mod community behind Starshatter.

Yup, one of the beauties of the game is not only how moddable it is, but the support it has for mods from within the game itself. A long time ago, potential fans begged Milo to make the game moddable, and so he did. T’was an excellent decision, IMO. There is some really good stuff coming.

WOW, that is really impressive!