Battlestar Galactica - The Plan

So it’s due out tomorrow on DVD/Blu-Ray and digital download.

Will we really get what the “Plan” really was? Do I really care if it all makes sense? I’m just glad to be back in the Galactica land!

I read a brief review that a good chunk of the movie is just clips, so I don’t know how much original material is here.

There are boobies, just none of the ones we want to see.

I’m pretty sure that The Plan is to get people to buy as many Battlestar Galactica DVDs as possible.

They basically take the bullshit from the final episodes and smear it all over scenes from the first couple of seasons in an attempt to retcon in a “The Plan”. If you have fond memories of early BSG, I would ignore this apology. As noted, it does have some boobs along with man ass and side dong, so there is something to repulse everyone.

Side dong? Wow.

I thought it pretty much blew and serves two real purposes:

  1. To give fans an excuse to say “Oh my God now I know how this happened!”


  1. To show breasts.

They do an okay job mixing everything together (new stuff that’s been shot and all the old footage from the first one and a half seasons or so), and first 10 minutes or so is probably the best ending with the attack on the colonies.

Other than that though it’s just blah, yet another in-season TV “movie” ala Razor and all those crappy B5 efforts like Turdspace and pretty much doesn’t differ from that.

— Alan

I like BSG.
I liked Razor.

This, save for a few ok new scenes, I did not like.

It’s not good.

So even die hard BSGers need not even bother?

I’m not sure those even exist anymore.

As said about, the first 10 minutes is fun, after that, it’s just a glorified clip show.

Well, that is, with the exception of the scene in which Director Eddy Olmos describes breathlessly as “the biggest explosion we’ve ever had on Battlestar.”

It’s not a good scene though. The only new scene that I really like is where Cavil makes fun of a Five’s choice in clothes. “You haven’t been caught yet… wearing that teal suit? Whatever, here’s a suicide vest, go blow up something.”

They also never answered who put the note in Adama’s room in the miniseries that saying that there were only 12 cylon models.

Correct. They landed on a planet with a primative humanoid lifeform and voluntarily and unanimously decided to throw away all their technology and breed with the monkeys. And then evolve again. But it isn’t going well.

There’s a joke here somewhere about the Cylon plan going straight to DVD.

  • Alan

I talked to someone who was on set during filming and they said you could just feel on set how everyone had moved on and didn’t care about this film.

This show set a personal record of mine: “How fast can you become totally uninvested in a show.”. Brilliant TV for the first 2 seasons. Riveting plots about survival and political intrigue. Mysticism, mystery, romance. 33 remains one of the best episodes I’ve ever seen showing the breakdown of humans pushed beyond endurance.

Then the wheels flew off. I saw every episode of the first 2 seasons, about 2/3rds of the second and about a quarter of the 4th when channel surfing.

I still get annoyed by the fact that Starbuck ended up being an angel or something. Gah.

I enjoyed it quite a bit. If you are a fan of Cavill and his brillaintly delivered cutting barbs - you’ll love “The Plan”

“They call it a suicide vest, but I think that really undersells the homicide part.”

I thought it was fucking terrible, merely existing as a vessel to show some tits in a couple scenes. Boring and utterly forgettable dreck.

Because I will never watch this, can somebody at least tell me whose boobs so I know what to look for on Google Image Search?

Nobody from the original series. First titty shot is in some topless bar Ellen is at, the bartender. Second titty shot is in the coed showers on Galactica, combined with some quick side-dong as mentioned above and quite a bit of man ass. Third is a new character introduced just for The Plan, in a sex scene.