Battlestar Galactica XX: The Super Crisis Shuffle


I can clear out a lot of raiders if given the chance.


Friends, I have performed an augury on your behalf, and I believe this is the statement that so angered the gods. Only blood will suffice now.


You don’t know what will come out of reckless yet either.


Indeed. Sadly that happens after the choice of where to place the civilians.


Sorry, teething daughter is being… difficult.

Raider activation from BYC roll… 4

1 raider placed in area 4

Pursuit track +1, 2 civvies placed. @rho21 final decision on those?


I don’t think he can be saved.


I like this one also


Yup, 5 and 6. Choose nice empty civvies please.


There should be some sort of ‘Consolidate the Peasantry’ card. Costs 3 or 4 morale but then you don’t have to ever draw a civilian ship again. Just cram everyone onto Galactica - no problem!


Ok placing civvies in 5, then 6.

Heavy raider roll is 3, pursuit track +1, Cylons appear.

Flip the reckless trigger: Treachery 0DC, 2 more Raiders in sector 5. Flip next, treachery 2GP, which has no effect here.

then raider activation. @rowe33 you need to activate raiders in sector 1,2,3,4,5 in any order you choose.


I’ll have to draw out the space map when I get a chance so I don’t screw anything up. Have no idea offhand of where everything is and in what quantities, sorry!


How about this helps

(ignore the resources they are not accurate)


Well that looks much more dire than it was but moments ago! Thanks Craig.

If I activate sector 4 first, do those move to 5 or 3?


They move towards closest civilian. In case of a tie, they move clockwise.

So they would move to 5.


And we have two raider activations in a row, correct? So I’m picking the order for the initial activation?


FYI, I can repair damage on our mothership once if it happens to fail a tanking roll.
It will also be handy to know if you can change dice if we get to my turn.


No, this is the last. Hopefully.
I think 4 before 5 and otherwise we’re good.


Man, this was a dumb comment, my IBS killed my ability to focus today.
I didn’t mention there was one BYC because the knowledge might have helped the upcoming cylon turns and it could’ve not appeared that soon. Of course, it may be another that they managed to add.with ABM.


@CraigM roll for pop first? (check fail)


Ok, let’s go with:

4 (3 raiders move from 4 to 5)
5 (1 raider kills the empty civvy, 3 move to 6)
3 (all the raiders miss?)
1 (4 raiders move to 2)
2 (4 raiders move to 3)