Battlestar Galactica XX: The Super Crisis Shuffle


I’m 100% European according to 23 and me.


Sweet, what should we name the games? 21 and 22 or something like 21a and 21b or maybe BSG XXI: American vs European Cylon Ninja Warrior? :)


Bond versus Bourne? Which would be amazing if most of our Europeans weren’t Dutch or Scandinavian :P


Disney vs Euro-Disney
Wish-We-Were-Blue vs Blue
Captain America vs Thor

Or 21-a and 21-b, I guess.


BSG 22-1 The Fandom Menace and BSG 22-2 Electrical Bogaloo.

I’m terrible at this.

Freedom Force vs Makeshift Federation
Orange vs Fruit Salad


21: Mr. President, Trade Down this War
XXII: OG 13 Colonies Only


Bad news everyone, Craig never made it back to the PC. He must have tripped and fallen on a LEGO. Or possibly accidentally walked back into The Place CraigM’s Go To again. :)


He’s still working up the artwork for the skull and setting up the lightning effects.


I think the journey around his Star Wars table takes a couple of days, weather permitting.


I laughed.


He’s probably about halfway around by now.


Sorry, was having issues due to, somehow, a shortcut for Master of Magic wound up in the folders, and google was blocking the upload. Took a while to find the issue.


That’s impressive. You start your thread first :)


I sent you a few additional goodies


We’re good to go! 2 simultaneous-ish games coming up!


And thread one is up!


Now I really hope we get the odd Master of Magic screenshot mixed in with the regular game.

Oh no, raiders launched!


Game 2 is up!


Sorry, guys, I was traveling.


Yes, I know, I saw the pictures ;)

Now if you’ll excuse me I am going to be jealous of the cuisine.