Battlestar Galactica XX: The Super Crisis Shuffle


Well, this turned deadly pretty quickly. So much for the engine room. Or my CPs.


I actually thought there was some other card in destiny. If I had known the iw was in there we should have gone for it. Sorry guys


Guh, honestly randomness. Ludicrous.

There was the IW earlier so see how you could have missed it.

I could make good use of an XO


@CraigM: Should the third part of that crisis have been activated? (i.e. should the presidency now be back with Tory?) Iron Will has that symbol, right?


Reading the rules i think it does actually, well, that’s actually helpfull

And yes, i thought the IW from the earlier check was the one from destiny.
Luckily i had the other card right or it would have been an even costlier disaster if the check went under 0.


Sorry @Lantz, I’m a little busy at the moment to be ordering you about. We badly need space clear right now.

So let’s start by doing that CAG thing again.
Launch a new viper in 3 and suggest that it immediately escorts the civilian ship there to safety.
Then play 3MF to start filling space with lead. Or whatever it is these guns shoot, I dunno, I’m not a support character. I’ll pick off the raiders first, then turn my guns on the heavy they’re escorting.


Welp, you’re right. Sorry, these things have come up like, literally, twice before. Those are not reckless triggers, as I though, they are Consequence ones. Triggered off skill check ability cards, like the Iron Will card.

@Perky_Goth you get to be President again.


@rho21 has a message for the Cylon raiders

Rolls 3,3,4,5

Now those last two barely scratched the paint on the Heavy, but what can you do.


but that’s where the happy news ends.


starting with new (old) president @Perky_Goth


Well, it’s a good thing I have a lot to read, because I’ve got no card for this check.


0 cards

Sorry I am light here. I believe in you though guys.



As I expected, Quorum cards are great, but situational. There’s bigger priorities at the moment, and unknown loyalties. If and when I draw more, I’ll use my OPG to fish for something we need.
Vote for me next election!


I can help very minimally here.


Uhh, so can you help @rho21?

I can help a bit but going to need a lot more to save the president.

Destiny was rebuild so Is 66% against us


The president? This is aiming at me.

I can do enough to make us pass this one, with your assistance, but I’m not sure it’s worth the cards. Not the end of the world if I end up in sickbay: just means I need a full XO rather than a single action to be useful.
Morale is also high (is it really at 9?), though I’m always concerned about losing any resource.

If you prefer not tanking it, let me know before you play anything.


No, I was thinking along your lines. Let’s say I can do what you need if we don’t go for it.

Will let you make the final call though

Maybe the president can speech again

Tank away @CraigM


OK, let’s tank it. Maybe destiny will like us enough to not make this reckless.


Why did he always get tabbed for VIP duty? Why, especially when the Cylons had just shown up again, couldn’t they wait. And why have the only pilot pulling their weight be the one to shuttle VIPs?

Oh, that’s why, VIPs didn’t like shrapnel and so far he’d proven to be the only pilot worthy of the title that wasn’t holed up in political assylum.

So he dutifully docked on Galactica, and in a fit of pique, insisted on carrying the suitcase, in that way that amply demonstrated his annoyance with the assignment by an overabundance of faux service.

This was a mistake, because it set of the detonator early. Simultaneously not harming the intended target, while making Cole take the full force.

On the bright side it didn’t happen in space.

Skill Cards

Politics 1CP, 1CP

Total -2, fail and trigger reckless

Treachery 2GP, no effect.

-1 morale, @rho21 to sickbay.

Heavy raider moves from 2 to 3, jump prep +1


Ok @Perky_Goth its your turn again.


Not a big deal, but Tory is missing her seal of office.

Do we have any strategy to get rid of that heavy? Any chance the quorum deck is holding what we need there?