Battlestar Galactica XX: The Super Crisis Shuffle


Some very good analysis, Mr. pilot. Much better than mine.


I will use the second half of my XO for our Admiral



i will take @Lantz his sidearm (jurgen bielzen weakness) and execute him @CraigM

I know i promised and all but what can you do.


Well now you all get a bunch of stuff pending me getting home.

But at a baseline we need to see if there is a morale loss for this shocking, sudden, and bloody death.

Turns out Juergen is… fully human.


I can’t even be mad, honestly. I even noted to Craig that, if we had a cylon, it was you.

I will miss my beautiful beautiful hand, but at least we will have a shot at a good jump.

I need a little time to look at characters…


I will return as Kendra Shaw



At least I XOd the President first…


Well, it would be odd if there wasn’t one cylon… Totally whiffed on him playing after you, that can’t end well. Very good timing.


Ok home and sorting the new character stuff now. @Lantz your loyalty card was discarded and you drew a new one. Please check your hand to confirm your current status.

When the current player is executed, the turn immediately ends, no crisis. @jeffreyb your turn shortly.

Just for kicks, here’s the discards

Leadership 0IW, 2MV, 3RO, 3DE, 3DE, 4DE
Tactics 1LS, 3CS
Engineering 1R, 5SR

@Lantz Pegasus CiC or Command on Galactica?


CiC please


ok @jeffreyb


Discard tactics 1 ls and move to administration

Crown myself God Emperor of Mankind



Oh no you didn’t!
Err, guys, if you like morale, don’t let him play again.


Well this is working out great…the rule about not XOing someone directly after you, especially if you suspect them to be a possible Cylon, seems to be relevant here. We can easily take it back though.


I mean, I agree that you have a point. I did not think that he’d be willing to give up the chance to pick our next jump location to pop me early.


Am I missing Tory drawing a mutiny? I thought I was the only player with one who had drawn one but was then shot in the face with their own gun on their own turn and no longer has one?


nevermind, there it is


I think you would be hard-pressed to figure me out as a cylon except for maybe that second destination (haha). I was helping out where i was required and stating the obvious good plays for team human.

I must commend you guys for scouting the destination deck, also that probation was really putting a damper on my options. So that’s why i pulled the trigger, well that and you had ten cards.

You should be glad i gave you an extra chance at being one of the good guys! ;)


Well, you were able to pick a not-terrible card left on the deck by another player so it’s hard to hold it too much against you. My main logic was that if anyone was cylon it would be you playing nice to make sure to control the jumps. Plus, the obvious fact that I was going to get shot at some point, somehow. But I didn’t think that it was that likely. That said, I still thought you’d chose to play nicer to control the jumps. You did pretty good damage but hopefully we can get you in the Brig and take away your Super as a consolidation prize.


So @jeffreyb draws a Mutiny, takes the title and hand of quorum cards. Seems fine, I’m sure nothing can possibly go wrong.


Ok so it starts with @rowe33