Battlestar Galactica XX: The Super Crisis Shuffle


i will assume the roll was succesfull.

Let’s go meatbags @rho21


I’ll assume that’s a yes. In which case, 1 card. @Perky_Goth


Hold it!
@CraigM can confirm my intent: I don’t believe in destiny, Guts and Initiative is what it takes.
Cards to follow, give a minute.
Screw it, 5 cards, we can’t fail.


Sorry, yes, we’ll go for the check. Can’t afford any morale loss and we have extra cards right now.


Ok, the check is reckless. No destiny added.

@jeffreyb yes, the roll was a 3 exactly.


I will skip in line since it’s obviously 1 card

@Lantz @rowe33


1 Card



1 card for me also



A journey most bizarre took another turn. Known Cylon, and traitor, William Adam had left much chaod and destruction in his wake. But none more puzzling than the child. Already walking by the time of the attack, she was unusually perceptive. Normally the types of indiscretion that would be quietly forgotten, and comfortably taken care of, were not subject to intense debate. But few are the progeny of genocidal machines either.

But at what point had William Adama been a Cylon? Had he been replaced along the way, or was his turn something planned since the days of the first Cylon war. Understanding the mind of a machine was no simple task, and none could properly determine at what point this betrayal made flesh had arrived.

And it was that debate that threatened to split the fleet. Having only just recovered from serious losses, and starting to regain trust in leadership, they found themselves ready to break. Some, certain her mere existence perpetuated the threat, meant to send her into the abyss. That her life was indication that her mother was also partner to humanities final act. To space them would be a mercy, since they were hollow replicas of life.

Still others argued she was fully human, and her father had been replaced by an imposter. The mother, herself, argued this point. But few truly believed it. The facsimile had been too good, an imposter would have let some intimate discover his secret through some small error.

There was as third camp, growing stronger, that argued she was a new life, a blending of the two lines. That she should be studied and protected, perhaps key to breaking of the cycle of despair and death. That she was not a threat, but a promise of better. It was the position of those who held on to civilization at the edge of the universe, and whom held out hope for a brighter future.

As this voice grew in strength, powered by the compassion of the president and her trusted presidential guard (an honorific bestowed upon the two flight officers whom she trusted most deeply, and a purely symbolic title), those who lived in fear lashed out. Seizing the mother and child during the night, they attempted to make good their threats on a darkened flight deck.

But none know that deck like the pilots who live there. As the ropes were tied in the launch tube, the would be judges, and executioners, found their world thrust into inky blackness. Far down, at the end of vision, lurked a powered down Raptor waiting. A sudden rumble and a blinding light halted the fury as the Raptor bore down on them with a careful rush. In moments it was upon them, and jets of thruster wash threatened to knock down the assailants. No sooner had their momentum been arrested than several marines streamed out, and grabbed the frightened mother and child. Barely had the door closed on the raptor, when the lights came on inside the launch tube, and the door slammed shut on the airlock.

The four men watched in horror as the red airlock light transitioned from red to green. Then, standing at the console, they saw President Foster, smiling, as she pushed the launch button. As the attackers were sucked to their new living quarters, Crashdown smiled at the frightened child, and let her know she was safe.

Skill cards

Politics 3IC, 5IC, 6PP
Leadership 1XO, 2XO, 2XO, 5DE
Treachery 3ABM, 4VO

Total +17, pass. Two treacheries added to the Destiny deck, @rowe33 select the recipient of the Mutiny card.


Isn’t that EaW, not VO?

Also, I like that A Better Machine was in this skill check, given that it’s about Hera.


Someone should have kept the DE. Is there a way we can communicate better?


You’re right, I got them mixed because… I had been looking at that card for reasons. VO was the actual card.

@rowe33 to sickbay. Also discard 2 cards.

The Raider attacks, roll 2. Jump prep +1


Discard Tac 1 LS and 2 G&I


@rho21 it is now your turn.


don’t we get any reckless fireworks? or is that only under 0?


You do, but unfortunately they trigger nothing as the top card of Treachery is a 3, and none of the cards played in have a reckless trigger.


Curses! This game feels like a bad star wars movie!


So I can get my fellow pilot out of sick bay. The question is whether he should be using FTL control to buy us a turn or launching a scout (if that’s possible) to increase the chances we find an acceptable destination. Either way, one of us can be in space after the jump.

@rowe33 @Perky_Goth: thoughts?


I think it’s safer to scout. I don’t have the list of destinations, if there is one for game+expansions, but I think we should have enough fuel, just not necessarily reserves.


Well you have all the answers you’re getting, it seems. Clearly your other pilot buddy is too busy sleeping off the hangover… I mean concussion.