Battlestar Galactica XX: The Super Crisis Shuffle


Yeah, in hindsight that was a bad idea.


Then I can safely say that was a really stupid idea. :P
He’s being a bit of an optimist, that’s all.


Ok @rho21 I need you to discard 2 cards, @Perky_Goth turn incoming.


:p ;)


What, you don’t want to randomly throw two extra cards from a Destiny deck that has… a lot of Treachery in it? I am shocked!


One the one hand, the good news for the humans. They just need to move up 3 slots on the jump track, and then bug the frack out.

On the other hand, good news for the Cylons is they need to hit one fuel, 3 morale, and have a butt load of Raiders ready to do nasty things the second they drop in, potentially even destroying Galactica if given the chance. Or just hit the fuel pod damage token.

On the gripping hand, this game would be over if Lantz was Admiral.

@Perky_Goth better start rubbing that rabbits foot, and take your turn.


Another positive is that we have plenty of cards and probably weather a bad crisis or two. Definitely need to bump that fuel up asap though. I have a guaranteed +1 fuel with my OPG if you don’t have anything better (and can XO me.)


Shhh, I was carefully not mentioning that. :)


I don’t have anything more urgent than dealing with fuel… but my XOs are gone by overspending.
I’ll discard 1StP to go hit the slot machine. Don’t expect fuel from there this game.


Jackpot, Jackpot, banana

card sent.


That’s nice, but I need to Consult the Oracle first. I don’t think there’s a point to the first part, unless someone tells me how to use the information.

Leadership and Tactics for Adaptable


Ah, that one. Lotta cards to look at, choose carefully.


Huh. Fraking frack.
5EaW, 1BYC and may the gods help us.


Now, with slightly less unfriendly destiny guiding you, we get this crisis


@Perky_Goth you would choose, but your weakness kicks in. -1 morale, and a die roll


I can modify the roll but would prefer not to if either of you can.


To aid, @rho21 will not be modifying. @Perky_Goth?


I thought this came up in discussion and it only applied to “current player chooses”.
I can’t help the check, as far as i can read.


Damn it, I knew it does. But goofed when I posted it, knowing you had to make the choice. I mixed and thought ‘oh, Tory has to choose, so weakness’

My apologies, which one do you choose then. Since it is President.


I’ll wait a few minutes for input, it’s terrible.
I’ll say food, for now.


Food, food! We never lose due to food! Or so I’ve heard said before.