Battlestar Galactica XX: The Super Crisis Shuffle


@rho21 you got first seat, so pick your character.



I mean, good luck!


I expect to play in/run 21, though. So there.


Hmm, I fancy playing a Cylon this time… I mean pilot. Let’s try Stinger as I’ve never played him before.

@Perky_Goth is sitting next after me again, it seems.


I fancy Tory Foster, for some reason. @Lantz


Jurgen Belzen

Got to get those firearms in play.




William Adama @rowe33


Well, looks like I am getting murdered.


I won’t, I promise!


The game is the game is the game.


Sorry, will pick once I get back to my pc. No Cylon leader with five of us, right?




We need a support.


I was thinking another pilot, given how important ship stuff is now.


Please consider my hat in the ring for next time.
Good luck, humanity. Please do something crazy and entertaining.


Pilot with engineering then? I am the only one who draws a blue right now.


Crashdown it is! Should be yet another interesting game for us…


@CraigM I will take one of leadership, tactics, engineering


Ok, while I make the new character cards, why don’t @rowe33 @Perky_Goth and @jeffreyb submit your initial 3 card hand

@rho21 youll get your full 5 after that.


One of each Politics, Leadership and tactics.