Battlestar Galactica XX: The Super Crisis Shuffle


1 Tac, 1 Pil, 1 Eng please


2 tac and 1 lea


Ok, engines on

Subsystem checks are go

Please secure any loose items

That means you too Scott

And take your seats, because we are expecting turbulence

And @rho21 and @Lantz what seats would those be? Rho you start out in a Viper (or the Assault Raptor) in sector 3 or 4. Lantz either Weapons Control on Galactica, or Main Batteries on Pegasus


Main Batteries please


Ok @rho21 once you decide your placement, you may take your turn. Board is complete, minus where you launch


Looks as though I’m particularly good at getting civvies safe, so let’s get started on that.

Setup: Launch in the assault raptor in zone 3 (I think it makes sense for me to be flying it as CAG).
Movement: Move to zone 2.

  • Activate an unmanned viper then take another action (CAG). Move the viper from zone 3 to 2.
  • Activate that viper again (Stinger’s once per turn ability). Escort a civvie ship to safety.
  • Play an Executive Order (2XO) from hand on Jürgen Belzer because he has some main batteries right there. @Lantz

I could have escorted the second ship to safety, but it seems like a bad idea to have those raiders firing at the battlestars whenever they activate. Jürgen seems the safest (and most useful) character to XO.


@CraigM I will take a shot at 5 with my first action to try and clear those raiders.

edit - If I don’t get them all I will take a second shot.


Ok, top or bottom civvie?

Shot 1: roll 6, -2 Raiders
Shot 2: roll 6, -1 Raider


While waiting for @rho21 to decide, here’s the crisis.


Oh joy, well @Perky_Goth the call is yours.


Well, @rho21, sorry, your number’s up…

On a more serious note, it seems my reign should to be cut short. Unless @rho21 really hates his cards, I’ll give him the presidency, since he did pretty good.


Why would we want to give the President card to a pilot and CAG? He’s going to be worthless for the quorum deck. I should hold the title for now since at least I can build the deck.


Because he went above and beyond in his first action, which is barely the only feedback we have. I’m also forgetting how hard it is to get the damned title back :P

Rho, you’ve being replying for 5min now :), should we get rid of your cards instead (and mine)?

EDIT: I also need to make my notes, because I haven’t memorized the characters yet. And change my avatar, because.


@CraigM: Ah sorry, didn’t realise you’d want me to choose when there’s no information. I’ll go with the top one.

@Perky_Goth: My cards are quite good at the moment so I’d rather avoid discarding if possible.

@Lantz: I’m not the worst at being pilot and president, as my special ability lets me clear civilian ships effectively even when doing quorum things. It still might be better with someone else though. I’m not a great fan of Jürgen for president though: there would be a huge temptation to put Bill in the brig and get the gun away from your head. Bill himself is obviously out… Crashdown for president? We only need one pilot outside right now.


Clearly I’m the best candidate. I would reluctantly accept the crown, err, the Presidency, if given the honor of representing the people.


God emperor adama does have a nice ring to it.


Right, let’s move on, @rowe33 is president.


Ok well that went fairly… well.

It seems some lessons were learned in the simulator about protecting civilian ships ;)

@Perky_Goth you are clear to go


I got all 3 of them, right? Am I missing something obvious from the pursuit track?


Nope, you got all 3, but two more launched due to the Raider activation.


Ah, right, that’s how it works.
Not sure of what to do it such calm waters. Might as well try to get our president killed. Or he can choose to shoot at the Basestar.

2XO @rowe33