Battlestar Galactica XX: The Super Crisis Shuffle


One of the closest games I’ve seen so far.


I can shred these raiders if given the chance, sir!


Pop should be at 5? (9-4)


Waiting on @CraigM to clarify what’s actually in my hand, incidentally. There’s an XO listed, but I’m pretty sure it’s the one I used last turn. :(

Assuming that’s correct, should I kill raiders or launch our last nuke?


If you take a MKVII, would you be able to launch, then travel two sectors to protect that civvy in 6?


No, that remp board was not resource adjusted. I use a working template, but I hadn’t adjusted the template for showing the raiders. It was at 10 from the destination, -2 and -2. So 6 is correct.


-50 points to Cylondor!


Sorry but i count three pop losses from the start @CraigM

-1,-1 from the crisis and -1 from the destination
and now -2 -2

It was at 9 and then after the Farm crisis it went back to 10


I would be able to do that, yes. I could also use the CAG power to get an unmanned MkVII there.
I’m not sure either is a good idea though. We’d just end up running out of defence cards, getting both pilots shot down and losing both civilians.
I’d rather protect one civvie, let the other pile of raiders waste time around the far side of the ship and try to escape before they get back.

I think I’m going to go with Plan A: kill as many nearby raiders as possible and hope for an XO to get rid of a basestar next turn.

So, I’ll launch in a MkVII with a wingmate and gun straight for the raiders to help cover Crashdown and the civilians. My wing will try to pick off one of them in the ensuing furball while I blast my way through 4, with luck. 3MF

@CraigM: 5 of your finest dice rolls if you please.


Hold up, hold up - I’d like to play a card here, if still possible, before he goes blasting away.


Can you combine the card i think you are talking about with a MF though? sounds OP OP


Craig will have to rule on it but I’m pretty sure you can. It just substitutes for a single attack of MF’s four total.

Not official obviously but these folks discuss it as an option in this short thread:


No, it had been at 9, and after the jump the destination gave them 10. However I failed to update that board segment, focusing more on the other ohmygodhowmanyfrackingcylonshipsarethere parts. So it had been at 10, it was a board error on my part. Vassal was correct, I just didn’t update that template section until… never. I kept forgetting til a board was half done after that. (hence the quick show where ships are board has it at 9)

Will look into it.


We never lose from population so there’s nothing to be concer…wait, I think Adama might be a relic from another age, complete with a hidden agenda it must complete in order to win!


Ah I see I missed the plus 1 from the destination. Woops


Hmm, it seems there isn’t much on any FAQs about that specific card. However the wording indicates this should be a legal maneuver (as in I can find no justification to disallow it, other than the sheer absurdity of how effective it potentially is)

So It’s happening.

@rho21 to be clear you are in a Mk VII launch in 3, use your bonus action to use CAG to launch a Mk VII unmanned, have it’s bonus Stinger activation be to shoot, then play MF to shoot?


It surely howdy is legal, boyos! Whoooo eeee what a humdinger of a game.


That is correct.


Very well, buddy shoots first

Roll - 8

You MF rolls

8,2,3 and @rowe33 plays a card?


I’ll inject some of my hard won grit and determination into this fight with a little space magic.

Play Piloting 6 Best of the Best to really lay down the smack (or fizzle completely.)