Battlestar Galactica XX: The Super Crisis Shuffle


Done, and the quorum deck is now emptied. Will have to reshuffle if any more get drawn.


Good to know, though unlikely to be useful. Also good to know is that we have means of getting rid of a centurion, though it’s also unlikely to be useful.
I suppose an Inspirational Speech is in order in order to distract everyone of the impending horrible deaths in 6, hopefully not game ending. Draw Tactics. Hope it doesn’t turn out I should’ve done something about the civvy.

If there’s a check in the crisis, I’ll probably use some pre-card ability or another.


Roll is 3, your speech does not allay the fears of the populace.


Ok starts with @Lantz but @Perky_Goth says using some pre check power?


More than full hand, so why not?

3RO and 3IC

(Rationale: avoid skill check card effects and reckless)


0 cards



Lea 5 cop @rowe33


I am just quoting this for posterity


Where are you guys at, help-wise? @Perky_Goth @rho21


Not good, but failing this check isn’t bad right now, you (four) should finish this before I play.


Should we just tank it and save cards for something possibly more important? You might not get another turn anyways.


Probably, especially piloting miracles. It’s probably better to avoid going under 0 and triggering reckless, though. Countering destiny shouldn’t take much, although it’s got a few more treacheries added since.


Treachery skill cards won’t be activated with the RO though, right? Reckless or not?


Interestingly and annoyingly i was holding that card since the beginning of the game and have not been able to spike a single check with it till now.

Just trying to put up a fight here although it seems useless against the card machine Tory

I suggest you hold your turn till we talk, unless you have a brilliant plan already worked out


Yeah, I figured we’d have a pow-wow.


That is correct except for the reckless ones @rowe33


0 cards for me then @rho21


I believe your quote earlier is ‘Adama’s card draws suck for a Cylon’


@CraigM: To clarify, do the skill check effects from the cards drawn if the check is reckless trigger?

P.S. Sorry everyone, had a busy night and couldn’t get my head around what needed doing when I saw it at midnight.


Looking at it further, that -5 means I don’t think it’s worth the cards to make this one positive just to avoid reckless problems. I think we’ll need all our piloting cards to hold off the raiders. 0 cards @Perky_Goth


Yeah, just want to give @rowe33 an extra headsup that i edited my post to include that small surely insignificant detail.