Battlestar Galactica

No character in the history of drama has ever been made worse by re-casting him or her as a hot asian chick.

You know, I might actually like Braveheart with William Wallace as a hot Asian chick.

That scene where everyone raises their kilts would certainly be more watchable.

All you really need to know about the new Battlestar Galactica (a quote from Wired, by co-executive producer David Eick):

“We realized the only way we could improve on the original is if the Cylons could have sex.”

'Nuff said.

Looks like they put the old Cylon red-light roving eyeball design and stuck it on the fighters. Looking at the stills, they look positively awful.

How the regular Cylons look (behind the model-turned-actress):

— Alan

So, hasn’t this started in the US by now? How is it?

Starts tonight at 8 or 9. (I have Tivo, so the exact start time isn’t something I worry about. :-) )

I’ll be watching it, albeit from the upstairs TV due to the Average Fucking Joe finale. Stupid chicks.

It’s 9PM tonight, second part tomorrow night, and then no doubt re-run six times a day every day for the next three months.

As long as they still say “Felgercarp!”, I’ll be happy. I loved every minute of the original series. Maybe it was because I was a kid or maybe at the time there was so little sci-fi on I took what I could get. Probably equal parts of both. My problem is TV competition with my wife and child.

Is Boxy still on? I used to do a great impression of his futuristic robot dog (quick, what was its name?) walking through the air vents saving the whole fleet. Why they were so advanced and yet that thing sounded like an animatronic pooch from a rundown Disney ride, I have no idea.

If Glen A. Larson is against it, then so am I.

Doesn’t sound like the Cylons are even robots anymore.

Most importantly, they got rid of the capes. How can they get rid of the capes?

Muffett, I think.

Probably because they assembled him from whatever scrap parts they had left after their entire homeworld and the majority of their fleet was destroyed without notice.

That’s it, thanks. My wife actually went to high school with a girl who shared that 1st name with the dog. I bet that was brutal. Now she is a lawyer.

Have we talked about how crappy it was when they not only brought the show back with a new cast and then had them creep around the planet on those stupid jet/hover bikes? Ugh! Man, I loved that show. Before that, of course.

I bet there is no munching on cigars or wise-cracking by Starbuck in the new version either.

Actually I believe there is. No doubt the cigar will be taking on a whole new phallic dimension now that it’s being smoked by a (semi)-hot chick.

And what’s wrong with that? Gives her name Starbuck a few new connotations too.

Aside from the expected over/poor acting to be found in all cable movie productions, it wasn’t that bad. Suitable near end of humanity build up and atmosphere. Some interesting twists, but relatively faithful to the original with a decently written script: B.

This show was a heck of a lot better than it had any right to be.

I think my low expectations and the glowing spine improved the score from what would have been a C+ or B-.

Yeah, other than the Cylon sex droid chick and the lack of capes, this was in every way better than the original.

As with Tyler, I went in with very low expectations, so I was very pleasantly suprised. Let’s see if the second half is as good, or they go all ST:TNG and botch it there.

Loved all the nods to the original series.

I was sort of cringing in anticipation of the “realism” that they have been touting endlessly in the commercials, but it really came off quite well. They did a fine job making the military operations feel like believable military operations, and the space combat scenes were impressive. The Cylon sexbot was a bit over the top… but not as much as I expected. She actually had a reasonable purpose in the narrative–sort of a Geisha/spy, designed to take advantage of Baltar’s weaknesses. They pulled off the mood of impending doom really well–a lot better than the original, which didn’t portray the destruction of the colonies with much emotional tension. It just sort of happened, and they moved on.

I appreciated that they didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to have Baltar stick it to the old woman with poor eyesight. I groaned out loud when she said “my eyes aren’t so good” and handed him her lottery ticket, but they at least let him show some semblence of guilt. Not enough to keep him from taking the pilot’s place on the ship, but some.

Like Denny said–better than the original in every way. Not that it takes a lot to pull that off, I guess, but the show is actually worth watching. I missed the capes as well, though.

I didn’t really think of it as “guilt”, but more the simple fact that he was more afraid of being caught than getting on the ship, and I read it as more someone who did something really, really bad and now has the paranoid delusion that everyone knows he did.

Still, makes for a far more interesting judas figure than the original Baltar did, who was just an upgraded version of Lost in Space’s Mr. Smith, but with more of a backbone.

I’m still kind of cold towards the design of the Galactica and still prefer the original, but other than that, the fanboys of the first series that are going on about the “travesty” that this thing is can just bite me.