Battletech by Harebrained Schemes (Shadowrun Returns)


Is it just me who’s hyped about this?

Oh, I am I am!


[CENTER]Steeped in the feudal political intrigue of the BattleTech universe, the game will feature an open-ended Mercenaries-style campaign that blends RPG ‘Mech and MechWarrior management with modern turn-based tactics.[/CENTER]

That is pretty damn cool!

I really doubt it’s just you. ;)

I’m in! Best game of my childhood.

I want to be excited, but there’s really not much information, or even any in-game shots for me to look at.

If this is close to the pen and paper Mechwarrior RPG of my youth I’m going to need to hire someone to regularly drop by the house and feed me.

Also, this better be inner-sphere, pre-invasion with none of that clan bullshit.

Considering the developers pedigree in both the the genre and converting pen&paper games to computer games, there is all kinds of reasons to be optimistic and rejoice.

I really like what those guys have done with Shadowrun Returns (the art alone is stunning) so this is very much something I’ll be keeping an eye on. Well, plus, Battletech is amazing. That too.

Harmony. Gold.

I think Harebrained did a good job with Shadowrun, but I’m not convinced that one game (two if you count the sequel, three if you count the revamp) as evidence that they will make a good tactical mech battle game. For me, the tactical battles in Shadowrun were just okay.

Well, I also meant that Jordan Weismann created the damn game in the first place, and as such probably has a pretty good idea of what works and what doesnt :-)

Dude, I loved this game so much. And I burned with envy that the sequel was not released on C64.

I’m surprised they are going the Shadowrun route. I actually fully expected the next move for Harebrianed/ Weismann to be a Battletech treatment on Golem Arcana. In fact I dreaded as much when I opened this thread since I would suddenly likely abandon GA (a solid game in its own right) and await Battletech. GA seems a near perfect test case for a hybrid tech move to revitalize a clunky 80s boardgame in modern times. The rules of GA even closely mimic Battletech at times.

Maybe Arcana didn’t sell as well and this is considered a safer and more traditional move for the property. Still, Harmony Gold and maybe even Piranha games will likely impact any fan’s imagining of this announcement.

I obviously don’t have sales numbers, but I can’t imagine a niche game like Golem Arcana (requiring physical minis and a mobile app) sold gangbusters.

Agreed on all counts. And Crescent Hawk’s Revenge really upped the ante for me…so mind-blowingly cool!

My only reservation is that the website seems to be using assets from PGI’s Mechwarrior Online.

While the art assets from MWO are probably it’s single saving grace at this point, PGI is such an incredibly terrible developer that I am worried about anything they even touch at this point.

Here’s hoping that Weissman saves something good from his IP though.

After driving down the road to nowhere called Mechwarrior Tactics, my head can’t help but be pessimistic. My heart though; my heart aches for thee.


Fall 2015 kickstarter. Where is the “shut up and take my money!” button?

Awesome news! Thanks for sharing.