Battletech by Harebrained Schemes (Shadowrun Returns)


Really? Never heard of it. And now I must have one. What’s the designation?


The name is Awesome AWS-8T Assault.

This thing really would be awesome if I could just find some double heat sinks…haha

As it is though with missiles it’s still pretty cool, I put four ML+++ on it, one PPC+++, jump jets, and two SRM6+++, the rest was taken up with 1,400 armor and regular heat sinks. With some double heat sinks I could max the armor and fill the other laser point I left open.

Really though at this point it’s just messing about to see what you can find and to see how hard 4.5’s are, which if they’re all like that last one is pretty hard and makes me wonder what I’d have to field to handle a 5, guess I’ll take one on soon enough and see for myself.


It’s seems every 4 to 5 star mission just happens to be between 4 and 8 assault mechs / tanks. It’s got me a lot of mechs, but not a lot of cool stuff. I am looking for more LRM 15+++, and AC 5/10 +++

The last mission was 3 King Crabs and a tank, but they came in piece meal, so, I just brought them down one at a time.

So, after touring Taurian space, I am heading back to finish the campaign.


I would say that you can beat 5 star missions with good pilots and at least three assaults but will usually lose a pilot and have some major repairs headed your way. I guess it depends if you feel that is still a win.


I really maxed out on tonnage. 2 Atlas, 1 King Crab and my Highlander B, with a few new King Crabs in reserve.

By the way, I am allied with house Davion and have 4 stars on the Merc board, and I have 2 missions blocked off. Is it the rating, or is it that I can’t do missions in other regions yet because I haven’t beat the campaign?


I remember reading that some five skull missions were mistakenly five and a half skulls. So they are bugged. Was this fixed?

Edit: So I added a Highlander 433P to my lineup and retired my Battlemaster. The 5LL +++ Awesome lives up to its name again. 4 headshot kills on that mission. 3 being Highlanders. I could only salvage one. :P


I thought I read that the skulls is an estimate and can vary by 1 skull either way. I think that it may be possible to technically have a 6 skull mission then. I know that I have faced a couple of brutally difficult 5 skull missions where even a lance of a lostech Atlas, lostech Highlander and two other decked out Highlanders did not stand much of a chance and had to retreat.


I just finished up. I had one 5 star mission, where they had 3 waves of bad guys all heavy and assault. After taking out the first 2 groups and peel off 2 of the last group but by the end of that my Gauss gun and all other ammo was out that wasn’t lasers. Which I run missile heavy. I was so tempted to abort, but was annoyed I might lose all this loot!

I said screw it and charged the last two. Did 2 Death from above attacks and 3 mechs dedicated to brawling and 1 mech with mostly lasers blasting away. I lost a few arms and legs and one of the large heat sinks, BUT I took them down! Most satisfying gamble I made in the game! LOL


Always fun when gambles like that pay off!!


So 5 skull mission. Occupy a rally point for a convoy. Steal the convoy. Wait for our dropship. Then hit the exit.

First two lances, simple. Convoy gets on dropship, fine. On the way to the exit, more reinforcements, including a Highlander, King Crab, Thunderbolt and Quickdraw. Save fast. So now I really want that KC, I have 2 pieces. My lance is a bit beat up. Nothing bad, armor missing. I do not want to lose my gauss gun. Wish me luck.

Edit: And I have my first King Crab! Yet again the 5LL assassin Awesome headshot a trophy. So I have a KC and 2/3s. Any ideas for KC loadouts?


Guess it depends on what point layout you’ve got on the kingcrab (I mean do they vary like other ones do?). I made mine a missle boat and stuck a 20, 15 and 5 missile (all 3+) plus one laser, the rest was armor, heats and jump jets.


I have a poll up for the Early Fall Battletech tournament.


From Begging for Food to a Surfeit of Crab.

Three KCs now. I struggle to decide what to bring on each mission. Maybe I should finish the damn campaign.


That’s what I am doing. What else is there?


Really stupid protip

Get the Argo, now. I almost lost my game because I would not engage with a scenario over 1.5.


A valuable, important protip ;)


I started the game, and I’m pretty impressed with the strategic part: it isn’t only outfitting mechs and then jumping into the action, but it’s also picking contracts and negotiating them (what do you need more, the salvage rights, the credits, or a rep boost?), taking care of the injured pilots, handling finances with the debt over your head, leveling up pilots, taking care of your reputation with different factions, taking in account the time you need in traveling to the mission area or doing extensive refitting to the mechs, morale, events etc.

Although someone explains me if in combat, is there a way to see the hit probabilities of each weapon if I would move to different hexes? I don’t know if I’m explaining it clearly.
The game should show the hit chance as you hover over different points. I’m surprised it doesn’t. Is there a hotkey that help you with that?

Also, you win an evasion bonus if you move (and it’s bigger if you moved a lot, it makes sense). But, intuitively, moving and firing is harder than staying still and firing. Do you have an accuracy bonus if you forego movement and just fire?


You can, I haven’t played for a while so I don’t remember the exact mechanism. I think you click on the mech you want to shoot, pick move, and then when you move your mouse around to possible movement squares it shows you the % from that hex.

I know I do it a lot when I play so it’s definitely there :)


This is the one thing I ignored and it didn’t affect me at all. Or at least I never noticed it.


Yeah like Lantz said, when you click a move destination you have the option to change facing. At that point, simply move your cursor to an enemy mech. You’ll see the hit probabilities.

Keep an eye on the shaded areas of the vision cone. That indicates optimal weapon ranges, so sometimes moving an extra hex (or one less) gives you the best hit chance.