Battletech by Harebrained Schemes (Shadowrun Returns)

Just wild speculation at this point. It’s just as likely that HBS is folded into Paradox completely and directed to make EU IV portrait DLCs.

Thanks for the hint. I did some looking. Most do not include a DM mode, but apparently DIVINITY: ORIGINAL SIN 2 does.

OK back to Battletech. I loaded up the 3025 mod and started a career. One of my starter mechs (an Assasin) had a quirk of something like “tight cockpit” where the mechwarrior would take physical damage if the mech overheated. I thought to myself that is not good, and could easily get someone killed. Mission 2 I face a Firestarter, and yep the mechwarrior in the Assassin got killed. So now I will call in the Coffin.

The Assasin also has a quirk of repairs costing 25% extra, so I’ll be looking for a replacement asap.

The Assassin is great at assassinating… if you think death by paper cut is assassination.

Thanks a lot! I read this and barked out laughing at work, everyone is now giving e odd looks…

I installed the 3025 Extended Commander’s Edition Mod and started a Career mode. And is unable to save. Does anyone else have this issue?

I had several weird issues, turns out a odd bug wth 7zip if you drag the files to the destination folder this can break the game, but if you us the labeled extract function, it resolves most issues. Dont know if you did that, but in case you did. Should resolve it


I did a few things and it was resolved.

  1. I disabled cloud saves and restarted the Steam App.

  2. Then I deleted the settings.json that was in the cloud sync directory.

  3. Then I changed the property of the save directory to disable the “Read-Only” attribute.

After a restart, I could save again.

But I realized that when it can save, the load times increased as compared to when I could not. It seems that either Unity’s or their code have serious issues handling files.

But it’s fixed and I can now save.

Not sure how great a deal, but the whole series is on sale for 66% off. I bought the mercenary pack which I think is everything. Looking forward to taking this out for a spin

So what did the consensus end up being on all the DLC? I got this at launch and played through the whole story mode (Steam says 97 hours). Had a great time but was definitely ready to move on and haven’t felt any real urge to go back. Do the expansions really shake things up enough to justify another go, or is it mostly just more of the same?

Well the expansions definitely add a ton more mechs and maps to fight with and on. The flashpoints are also unique story mission content though they are aimed more towards career mode than campaign mode.

If you get a pack of all the expansions on sale and enjoyed the original game then I’d say its worth it. Give it another playthrough and field a Marauder as soon as you can. You’ll thank me later.

Yeah, the DLC is definitely good. My only complaint is it’s not worth the full price they were charging in terms of total content, but sales are what it’s all about.

Yeah, no colorblind option and after slogging through & losing both times in the coronation day tutorial mission, I’m refunding.

That’s a scripted ending for the mission and how you start down your path of mercenary work;

Edit - I’ve seen suggestions of using a mod called ColorLoS to help with color blindness, and then using the paint shop to make your heraldry stand out more for your own mechs. Still, sadly there is no color blind mode.

It said failed and my only option was to restart or load a save and since the game disallows saving I’m not slogging through another hour. So I don’t think that’s an ending it’s a fail state. ( one of themegs not surviving)

I believe the new patch that just came out today adds some colorblind options, for what it’s worth.

Ahhh, got it. Yeah, if it was a slog to get that far it doesn’t sound like the game for you. Thank heavens/the EU there’s the refund policy.

Actually I was enjoying it until I realized I couldn’t save. Playing an hour and having to replay it again FROM THE BEGINNING is a slog.

No way. Today?

Edit, just checked. It was 2 days ago and I FWIW, I tried those and I didn’t see any difference.

“Added a Settings option to assist those with color blindness allowing them to select alternate LOS lines and indirect fire colors”

The developers read these forums. They probably implemented the feature when they read your post.

(Not really. Joking. :P)