Battletech by Harebrained Schemes (Shadowrun Returns)

As was I, but I think this is the fate of Battletech. It’s good but it’s of niche interest. Nobody is going to get Fortnite leves of audience out of the Battletech license. So whenever some team makes a popular Battletech game they immediately move on the big leagues having proven themselves. And the license languishes for 5-10 years until it’s the next up-and-comers turn.

But… Harebrained Schemes had done the Shadowrun games before this. Surely, they don’t qualify as “up-and-comers”, do they? It was also co-founded by Jordan Weisman (of FASA fame!), not exactly a young whippersnapper eager to finally carve out a niche for himself.

I think it’s a bit weird to immediately consider HBS moving onto other games the death of Battletech.

My wildly optimistic take is that, having completed the Shadowrun and Battletech legs of the Weisman Trinity, HBS is now moving on to the triumphant return of Crimson Skies.

I’m actually surprised they didn’t want to do a Battletech 2 Clans in the 3050 setting. I guess Battletech didn’t sell as well as they’d hoped.

The Battletech rule set doesn’t actually work all that well and every subsequent rule book just broke the system even more. But, by that video, it sounds like they’re just… kind of bored with Battletech and want to go do something else, or they’ve hit the wall with what they can expect Battletech to do. Since they’ve been acquired by Paradox i actually expect something strange and completely unexpected along the lines of Surviving Mars.

Perhaps reading between the lines they’re going to allow Steam Modding, maybe, in the last update?

The battletech ruleset worked very well in the likes of Megamek (especially with campaign mods) and Neveron. It just wasn’t implemented all that convincingly in this game, imho - and the metagame was bland and never really featured genuine tradeoffs.

God I love it when I hear that name :) I wasn’t aware anyone else on qt3 was from that era

That is very unfortunate, I really was expecting either further expansions or a sequel to get into the clan era.

Of course nothing says they won’t come back to it again, but still.


I hate to see HBS move on. Then again they gave me both Shadowrun and Battletech, so hat tip to them.

Maybe they could get the DnD licence and do a true follow up to Neverwinter Nights with the toolkit and DM client. Seems no one else is interested in doing DnD correctly.

Crimson Skies yay!

Hell Yeah!

Is there even a shred of evidence that they are revisiting Crimson Skies or is all this enthusiasm just at the possibility?

There are several decent indie d20 video games.

I would like it if someone remade the Farscape game using Farscape d20 rules. All the dialogue is already recorded, which should make it easier.

Just wild speculation at this point. It’s just as likely that HBS is folded into Paradox completely and directed to make EU IV portrait DLCs.

Thanks for the hint. I did some looking. Most do not include a DM mode, but apparently DIVINITY: ORIGINAL SIN 2 does.

OK back to Battletech. I loaded up the 3025 mod and started a career. One of my starter mechs (an Assasin) had a quirk of something like “tight cockpit” where the mechwarrior would take physical damage if the mech overheated. I thought to myself that is not good, and could easily get someone killed. Mission 2 I face a Firestarter, and yep the mechwarrior in the Assassin got killed. So now I will call in the Coffin.

The Assasin also has a quirk of repairs costing 25% extra, so I’ll be looking for a replacement asap.

The Assassin is great at assassinating… if you think death by paper cut is assassination.

Thanks a lot! I read this and barked out laughing at work, everyone is now giving e odd looks…

I installed the 3025 Extended Commander’s Edition Mod and started a Career mode. And is unable to save. Does anyone else have this issue?

I had several weird issues, turns out a odd bug wth 7zip if you drag the files to the destination folder this can break the game, but if you us the labeled extract function, it resolves most issues. Dont know if you did that, but in case you did. Should resolve it


I did a few things and it was resolved.

  1. I disabled cloud saves and restarted the Steam App.

  2. Then I deleted the settings.json that was in the cloud sync directory.

  3. Then I changed the property of the save directory to disable the “Read-Only” attribute.

After a restart, I could save again.

But I realized that when it can save, the load times increased as compared to when I could not. It seems that either Unity’s or their code have serious issues handling files.

But it’s fixed and I can now save.