Battletech by Harebrained Schemes (Shadowrun Returns)


If hell has all the scrapple, then I don’t want to go to heaven.


More for you then. Blech.


I googled scrapple. So it’s basically home-made Spam?

And put me on the Spam express. Musubi is awesome with it, as well as loco moo and in fried rice!


I keep seeing new posts here and think someone is actually saying something about the game. Silly me. Maybe we can get this thread renamed to Spam and someone can open a new one for the game?


Just make sure and link it so we know where to discuss dinosaurs.


I mean, we already have a thread for that sort of chatter. Some people just have no respect for thread topics.

Or maybe I’ll go find some pretext to start talking about football in the space games thread. :P


On some level it’s cool to spam the thread with posts that are literally about spam.

And no, scrapple is not spam.

If someone makes a thread about breakfast meat, I will explain.


Thank fucking god.

Anyway, I just remembered I have this game and need to install it. Yay!


Scrapple is known on the left coast as “potted meat product”.

It’s basically what you get when you sweep up the slaughterhouse floor and throw the sweepings into a grinder.


They also add corn meal to the sweepings. To keep it stuck together.

LOVE Scrapple here in PA. Local farmers market sells it in 6 pound loaves.


LOL how does this end up being appetizing?


It’s all in the preparation when cooking. :)

Slice it thin and flour both sides, salt, and pepper. Fry it till crisp. When on the plate, coat it in premium maple syrup from America’s Hat.

If it is really good scrapple, you will see little hairs in it. (NO LIE).


I just threw up in my mouth.


It’s one of those super old-school foods that really only the WW2 generation and before ate. Like head cheese.


Or you live in the northeast US and had parents who ate it. Local diners still have it on the menu!


This was EXACTLY my reaction.

Still, I’ll try (almost) anything once.


I’m from Philly. I’ve tried Scrapple several times. Each time I wanted to vomit.

Snapper soup, on the other hand.

(I know this isn’t game talk but is there anything NEW to talk about with the game? No? Okay…)


Too bad there’s no spam filter on this forum.


You could just leave this thread be, then, and talk about food in one of the several food threads, or the random thought thread, or any one of probably dozens of more suitable threads. “There’s nothing new to talk about” isn’t really a defense when there are plenty of game-specific threads not currently being hijacked by a discussion of disgusting breakfast meats.

If you have to hijack a game thread, how about Battleborn? I’m pretty sure there’s nobody in that one actually expecting positive news or interesting discussion about the game in question. :P


Hey, I’m not the only one posting about this stuff, chucklehut.

Anyway, anyone play this recently? How is it? TAKE THE THREAD BACK!