Battletech by Harebrained Schemes (Shadowrun Returns)


Sounds like a pretty decent AI.


One interesting thing about all these turn-based strategy games that depict warfare is that none of them impose moral factors on the AI side. While the human player has the option to withdraw after devastating losses the AI, no matter how bad it gets, never does so. They always attack to the last man. In BT novels, general retreats happen, yet not in the games. I know why this is, but it’s one factor that isn’t terribly realistic – and again not that realism in this regard is desired or necessary to the game.


I was pondering this exact thing throughout my first semi-abortive play through. That last enemy 'Mech, minus its arms, limping, with smoke boiling up from its shattered chassis, desperately charging your nearly pristine assault 'Mech to head butt it in a gesture of supreme futility. Might make sense if you’re fighting the Genyosha or ComStar ROM fanatics, but for most mercs or even house troops, that’s nonsensical.

I agree though it makes little difference for this type of game. In fact, because you, the player, have no real incentive not to go for broke all the time, especially with save scumming, it would unbalance things remarkably if the enemy turned tail when you gained a huge advantage. And we certainly would complain bitterly if our own troops broke and ran without our control.


This is only sort of connected, but what it made me think of is how CA has programmed their units in tactical battles to retreat when getting beat up and then circle back again to attack you. So you can often break a unit and if you didn’t also pretty much decimate them they disengage from getting clobbered then come back from a new angle of attack to hit you again somewhere weaker. Also their ranged units are really rather good at harassing the heck out of you inflicting some damage and then if you seek to address it with any other unit short of cav they just keep kiting away from your unit, stopping to fire at them if they stop pursuing.

It’s really rather effective. And it just occurred to me that’s something as you say that would be interesting to have here. Program the AI so when it has a mech with no weapons left for example to simply disengage. In TW titles when I’m playing a tactical battle I very rarely completely destroy an army because they break and run for the hills to fight another day.


The only time I’ve seen the AI try to retreat is assassination missions. The target has attempted to retreat on a number of occasions for me.


Yep. That’s what made me think of this. In my case it was a Locust believe it or not, going up against my full lance of minimally damaged Assault and Heavy mechs. It was pitiful and ludicrous at the same time.


I had another crash right after accepting the salvage. I looked it up and many folks report the same issue, so not sure what that’s all about. I re-did the mission (it was mercifully short) and no problems the second time. I’m just going to have to get into the habit of hitting F10 as I get close to the end of a mission to quick save, so I don’t have to re-do entire missions should it happen again, I suppose.

Loving the game so far otherwise though. So satisfying!


I had this problem occasionally until I updated my video drivers, and then it went away. Could be a coincidence though


Thanks, this worked.


There is one mech left I really want (don’t need just want) Victor-VTRE-9B. It has the most ballistic hardpoints of any Assault mech that I can see (3 of them). I still only have 1/3 and have yet to come across another piece in like 15 4-5 star missions.

I want to see what it’s like to have a fantastically armored version of a Jagermech. Seems fun, cause I hate it when I start getting sniped by a 2x AC/2/5 + 2x LRM Jager.


I find this game hard to fire up during the week. But then I get into it and can’t put it down. So the worst of both worlds.


Seriously struggling to find a good layout for a Dragon. I want to like the Dragon, because… well, dragons are cool. But to give it a decent spread of weapons, I need to strip a lot of armor. Only thing I can think of is a weird fire support hybrid (staying far away due to the weak armor).

LA (70)::::::::: AC5 + ammo
LT (80/40)::::: nada
CT (135/60):: nada
RT (80/40):::: MG + ammo, ML
RA (70)::::::::: PPC, MG
LL (90):::::::::: nada
RL (90)::::::::: nada

It’s just I can’t really justify it.


I’ve tried variations on it. About the only success I’ve had is adding armor and building it for close range/melee. Even when you first build one, the engineer tells you that he’s not going to lie to you and tell you that it’s a good mech.


I feel your pain but sometimes you just have to embrace that the mechs you love are trash and field them out of love. I have fielded tons of stock mechs with LLs or obvious heat problems since like 75% of maps seem to be on hot environments for absolutely no good reason except it bums me out to immediately turn everything into MLs, LRMs, MLs, armor, HS, and MLs.


Take out the PPC, put small lasers and medium lasers. Put a fast pilot on him and keep him moving, its a really fast mech and he has good melee damage for some back side hits.

He was my first heavy mech and i kept using it for a long time until it died :(


Yeah, that’s one of my little niggling complaints with this game. Their attempts to re-balance SRM and some of the ACs to make them more potent vs their counterparts in the original tabletop game have left laser weapons as second class citizens. Medium lasers are decent secondary armaments just due to light weight but an all energy mech is super hard to pull off in this game. Heck even medium lasers start looking weak when compared to SRM-6+++ models that can put out 72 damage a volley. That’s better than 2 ML +++s for less heat and only a couple more tons.

If they ever do an expansion, I think they could fix it by introducing some custom bonuses for the +/++/+++ laser variants. If I ran across a LL that had +15 dmg and -10 heat that would start to make lasers real attractive. Or they can make double heatsinks widely available. That solves a lot of energy weapon problems too.


Get in there and mod it up! This game is remarkably easy to mod if you’re just looking at doing number changes.


Yeah! stick a screwdriver in that toy! I heartily support this attitude O7


It’s tough for designers to provide multiple weapon types and balance them well even with the limitations of the various chassis types. It’s not surprising that certain types dominate. Perhaps line of sight should be longer to make LLs and PPCs more interesting. Or perhaps provide a supercharged energy option whereby they can fire for 50% extra damage but have to take a turn off to recharge or something like that. Maybe eliminate called shots for missiles since they fire in those anime swarms anyway and are presumably self-guiding?


Yes, being able to kite with a PPC or long range weapon would be interesting.

Right now it’s not easy to do this at all, with range advantages usually eliminated in a turn, or line of sight nullifying it completely.