Battletech by Harebrained Schemes (Shadowrun Returns)

The DLC are really cool. I highly recommend adding them.

Got the DLC and mod installed, wasn’t sure whether to play campaign or career but since I’ve played the campaign to completion figured career was the best choice.

Question: does career still have a progression towards some victory condition? I mean it’s not just sandbox forever type of affair is it?

It has a score and also Flashpoints of increasing challenge as you gain Merc Board rating. I tend to set a goal of gaining major faction alliances and then doing the Alliance Flashpoints, which can be very challenging

Also there is a Flashpoint mini campaign that is well worth doing. It starts on Terragona iirc

@vyshka , sorry for the delayed response, I’ve been afk for the last week!

I haven’t found any easy way to manage multiple mods, which is a huge pain if you want to try multiple mods out. How’s your playthrough going?

I’ve been doing the BTA 3062 mod pack/revamp for a week or so now. Barring the usual pokey performance of all things associated with this game, and the occasional crash on mission initiation, it seems to work well.

It’s pretty hard, though, and RNGesus reigns supreme in a lot of ways, like starting 'Mechs, salvage opportunities, and of course the basic to-hit and crit rolls. Those at least tend to balance out. The challenge really is to make enough money to keep going while still taking hard enough contracts to advance your stable of BattleMechs, which ain’t easy.

The variety is cool, and they’ve revamped a lot of systems like Resolve and Evasion in what seem to be good ways. Light 'Mechs are much more competitive now, and ECMC3I stuff is more useful too.

Darius still lies like a sailor when estimating risk on missions though.

What I ended up doing is rename the Mods folder, and then do an install of the other. Then when I want to switch between them I just rename which one I want to Mods, and run the modtek injector since they currently seem to be using different versions (not sure if I really need to run it each time). I like the idea of working toward the newer tech with an earlier start date in BTE, but honestly I don’t know if I’d play long enough to where that could make a difference. RNG was definitely brutal in the couple of missions I have played in BTA3062.

I feel like all the big mod packages I’ve tried are works in progress, and sometimes the destination is too hardcore/fanboy-ish for my tastes. Despite some issues with the OEM game, I feel like it is the best overall package/presentation of the game. Trying out mods can breathe some life into the game, but so can the DLC.

The individual DLC are only OK separately, but all 3 taken together really do expand and enhance the game

In my view, the best Battletech is the OEM game plus all 3 DLC. YMMV.

As a celebration of the game, here are my thoughts on enemy mechs, by weight category: most feared, most annoying and of course best/worst enemy.

Light Mechs
Most Feared: Panther. Tough to kill for a light mech, with good damage and that dangerous PPC range.
Most Annoying: Locust. F’ing Locusts man. Zippin’ around, hard to target, shooting me in the back, doing more damage than you expect and just generally being pests. F’ing Locusts.
Best/Worst: Firestarter. Can both annoy and terrify with Flamer Fu but also blow up real good when hit properly.

Medium Mechs
Most Feared: Hunchback 4G. I specify the 4G b/c of the AC20, which can ruin your whole day. Plus they are mobile, relatively tough to kill and will just generally smack you around, for a medium.
Most Annoying: Phoenix Hawk: Jumpy little bastards who hit surprisingly hard.
Best/Worst: Cicada b/c I love to pop them like bugs.

Heavy Mechs
Most Feared: Archer. Lots of missiles, plus clustering = pain, at long range. They don’t kill with the suddenness of a big cannon-mech but man they will F your S up if you don’t close and smash em.
Most Annoying: Jaegermech S. They do truly ridiculous damage but their armor is also laughable. They can rain on your parade but once you get their range, they go down hard.
Best/Worst: Dragon. No explanation needed.

Assault Mechs:
Most Feared: This is a tie between the mighty and fearsome ballistic mastery of the Annihilator (who would take the crown but for its pitiful speed) and the mighty and flexible Bull Shark, which is an elegant death machine. In the base game, King Crab was king, but Heavy Metal has obseleted the poor crabber.
Most Annoying: Awesome, the one with the 3 PPCs. They blow themselves up almost as much as they blow me up.
Best/Worst: Not really best/worst in the way I mean it, but the Banshee is just kind of a joke for a 95 ton mech. I always feel sad for the enemy when I see a 95 tonner and it turns out to be a Banshee rather than a Bull Shark. The contrast between the two is stark.

Pfft. Draw a line through all the above, and replace with: Best Mech: Urbie

BT with 3025 Extended is a permanent fixture on my HD.

Im curious I missed it up thread, whats the key delta between this and BTA3062? I loved 3025, and just wondering if BTA3062 brings anything definitive to the table?

This is me as well. I always have a career or 2 going. Something about firing missile salvos to a robots face I find very cathartic after a day’s work. One is usually a gotta catch them all type affair while the other is tailored for a bit more challenging game play. Both provides missiles to the face, lots and lots of missiles.

BTA3062 adds more mechanics, assets, etc. To me it was one step too far in complexity for my tastes, and I prefer 3025. 3062 also requires higher specs on your PC, which makes it painfully slow on my machine.

I was thinking I would switch back to playing BTE, and this first mission was painful. 1 skull, had 2 mechs get CT taken out, and the other 2 needed refits. If it wasn’t for the Firestarter messing with the Wyverns heat levels, we might have lost all 4 mechs.

I don’t know what content is BXECE and what’s the DLCs I picked, either way I’m having a good time running a career.

Not sure how I’m ever going to not completely piss off the pirates though, seems like every world I go to at least 2 of the 6 missions is piss off the pirates and I’ve yet to see a single mission that fell under the heading of make the pirates happy.

Edit: oh, and BXECE does not so far make this harder, I’m just jumping to half skull planets and looking for salvage. I very much do not want Battletech harder. ;)

It does add complexity, which I don’t mind, and performance is for me on par with vanilla, which is to say, not great, but not terrible. What may get me to go back to vanilla though is how freakin HARD this is. I have yet to get beyond a few months in a career before my stable of 'Mechs is totally outclassed by everything I run into even on one-skull missions.

Go to a planet run by the “Local Government” that has the pirates as a faction on that planet. (These will mostly be in the independent area near the Aurigan Reach.) There should be missions for the pirates against the local government. That’s how you make the pirates happy. (There are other pro-pirate missions but what I described is your best bet.)

Thanks man, I’ll keep that in mind and try to head in the general direction of an independent so I can patch things up a bit with the ole pirates.

Amusingly so far I’ve really just managed to mildly piss off everyone and not made anyone happy.

Mission types make a big difference that modders didn’t change in the mission rating (probably too much work), 3062 needs a read of the Readme as it amplifies it with new mission types. You can, however, use more than a Lance.
haven’t played either mod myself, just caught one stream of 3062.

It definitely is different. There is one starting story option where you end up with $3M credits in the bank to work with. I haven’t really looked at what the others do. You also seem to start with beefier mechs in BTA3062, but on the flip side you are facing tougher stuff it seems. Has anyone played with vehicles in BTA?

The BTE career looked like it was going to be a lost cause between the injuries and repair bills I would be almost tapped out before I could get back in the field. Started a 2nd one, and got an easier start location this time. Finished up a training mission, and have a number of 1/2 skulls to clear up before moving on.