Battletech by Harebrained Schemes (Shadowrun Returns)


The IIC mechs were a bit confusing to me as a kid… they had cool dynamic poses, but felt very anime, and at odds with what I imagined were more lumbering machines.


Seven days to go…


I am not a big fan of anime generally speaking but I’ve always liked how the genre handles giant robots. Those pictures to me look graceful, more dynamic as you say than the lumbering tanks in Battletech. Not that one is necessarily better or worse, I just think both are cool in their own way.


I guess it depends on whether large humanoid robots (Anime) appeal to you, or large bipedal fighting vehicles (MW) do.


They both appeal to me, is what I’m saying. The anime stuff is probably from a childhood of watching Gigantor and stuff, and then Battletech is its own thing I’ve enjoyed since it was a tabletop game. They scratch different itches, despite both being basically the same thing.


These weren’t on my backerkit yesterday.


I’ve cleared my calendar. Let’s just hope it works fairly well out of the box.


You don’t need no soundtrack, just throw on that Rush mixtape and go!


This is a good primer.


I’m just as excited for the soundtrack as I am for the game itself.


Looks like this is 25% off over at the GMG VIP spring sale.


I tried the 25% off but it doesn’t seem to work for me, says code invalid :(


Make sure to try all the 25% off codes on the page, as dumb as it sounds the code that worked for me for Frostpunk was listing other games on the left side of where I generated the code. I even opened a ticket with support and showed them a screenshot.


Son of a biscuit. This DasTactic “Is this game for YOU?” video may have just convinced me to pre-order from GMG with the 25% discount. I hate myself.


I placed my order with Fanatical earlier this morning. Now to make it through the next 94 hours.


I just checked and ALL the vouchers are the same code, atleast for me.


I kickstarted this one not knowing a thing about battletech, just that it looked cool and I’m a big of TBS. So, what one thing could I read to fill myself in on a broad sweep of the lore? Looks like Bismarck may have me covered on the basic tactics with the link above.



Thanks man!!


We are so going to have to set up a tournament for this next.