Battletech by Harebrained Schemes (Shadowrun Returns)


The wiki is also a good resource for this stuff and lots of other BT-related information.


Kickstarter keys for the game are being distributed right now. Preload will be available on the 23rd, and keys for any extra content you may have paid for will be forthcoming next week.


Just checked backkit, and key is already there. Now the wait begins…


So exciting…!



blech, running into issues accessing backerkit. going to have to do this the long slow way


Anyone get a GMG key yet? Not worried or anything, just want the key…


In my experience, GMG doesn’t send out keys until the game is released.


Nothing so far. Probably the day before or morning of release.



Note that GOG keys won’t activate until Tuesday, April 24th at 9am PDT and you will get a “code expired” message until then.



hmm, says steam key pending, guess I get nothing with the lowest level pledge yet. Perhaps Monday I hope?!

edit: man, watching some video on this one has got me jazzed to jump in


I really threw caution to the wind and bought my copy from Razer’s new gaming store (I had a really good coupon). Hope the code shows up before Tuesday!


Wow I just noticed GMG ran out of keys. D:


Good thing I have cough home office cough Wednesday and Thursday.


That is probably the only game video longer than 3 minutes I have ever watched. Most intriguing even though I know about Battletech. I don’t think I have ever played a mech game even.

Unfortunately after getting all interested I don’t think my video card meets minimum specs…and it appears my ROG laptop’s gpu & cpu are not updateable, at least without significant hassle. Bummer.


Where have you been the last 10 years?

The DasTactic video is the first BattleTech video I’ve been sucked into. The mechbay stuff is pretty simple though if you’ve ever played a MechWarrior game before. I stopped watching at the campaign. One nice thing is he plays the backstory intro video at the end. That’s the only real lore I needed.

The Steam guide is good too. Most of it is pretty straightforward, but there are a couple boardgame quirks I didn’t realize existed from my prior Mech videogame experience.


GMG preorders are back up. They don’t seem to have the keys yet, but they’re giving away a free copy of War Tech Fighters (which I’d never heard of) with each sale.


This is one of those Kickstarter projects that I backed that–gasp–is actually coming to fruition! Ok, to be fair, all of them have come to fruition I think except the iOS version of Gettysburg (no great loss, that). And ATG, but that one actually seems to be moving along, so that should be ok too.

This one is one I’m really looking forward to. I liked the Shadowrun games, with all their flaws, and the beta for this was very promising. All the buzz lately seems to point to a good 'un.


My anticipation is soaring.

All mechs all ppcs loadout will become reality.


I could not be more excited for this one! I started playing the tabletop game way, way back in the day. Finally, a true turn-based adaptation (with modern visuals) of one of my most favorite things ever is upon us.


Am I the only one that wishes someone would show how this game looks with out the cinematic presentation enabled? I think this game looks great but then looks a little less great when the camera gets shoved right into the arm pit of a mech firing its weapons. I don’t think I have ever been able to see what the game looks like when mechs taking firing actions from the top down/isometric view, and it’s driving me nutty.


Closest I have come so far is seeing a jump jet maneuver that stayed isometric. And to me looked so much better than every other time I’ve seen a jump jet execution. So good. This…

Compared to this…

Don’t get me wrong, the cinematic view is nice and I’m sure it’s great for the streaming audience and it looks more like an action movie. But I guess I’m just a big board game nerd and I like my action higher up?