Bay Area peeps: I need some roommates!

Hey there, my sexy geeky friends!

I’m moving to an awesome apartment in North Oakland soon, and need two roomies. Move in is late August/Sep 1st. It’s a four bedroom place in the awesome Temescal neighborhood, right at 51st & Telegraph. It’s a well-kept, recently painted, bright, open, top-floor (of 2 floors) apartment. Rent’ll be super low, in the $600-650 range, with a $250 deposit(!). The rooms are mid-sized, 10x10 to 12x12. Ish. No measurements, yet!

So far it’s me and another dude, two friendly, lightly geeky guys in our 30’s. We’re both in theater; I’m an actor, and he’s one of each, both acting and stage-managing. We’re friendly and energetically generous, not defensive or closed. It’ll be a friendly, hang out in the living room house with as many dinner parties as we can manage and regular Rock Band tournaments. Neither of us drink much at all, and while there will be parties, they’ll be of the dinner and video game variety. No pot smokers, either. We’re low key guys past our partying days, young at heart but in love with a good night’s sleep.

So whatcha think? Want an awesome new place? Or know of anyone friendly and cool who’s looking for some rad roommates? I’ll have pictures soon, so PM me if you’re interested at all!

From 11 blocks away, I say welcome!

I don’t think I know anyone who needs a place to stay, but I will ask around.

Way to sell it, DoomMunky! I would be completely into this if I weren’t married and, you know, was in the Bay area.

Awesome, thanks, guys! I always worry that I’m going to come off as a whiny little nerd in my housing posts. I like being honest about being compassionate and generous, but being ‘cool’ runs pretty counter to both those things.

Feel free to pass this along to anyone you think would make a good fit.

If only I were employed…


How big is the gun safe?

Edit: I mean my share of it, not the whole thing.


If the move-in date was, say, three months away instead of one, I could swing this. But alas.

Houngan wins the thread.

This will end in tears.

Yea, but Creole Ned, if everything works out right we might be able to see all the drama play out here.

That is the expectation, yes. The potential for horror stories is nigh endless when it comes to moving in with strangers.

But it is also possible that the irrepressible DoomMunky may find two sane, responsible people to be roommates. When I look back on my own experiences, I am…somewhat skeptical. has some pretty good stories about roommates, in the form of sticky notes.

I know, I know, Bay Area and all that, but still I about choked when I read this as $600 here (SW Ohio) gets you a spacious two-bedroom apartment in the decent parts of town all to yourself.

If by September 1st I could get divorced, land a job in Oakland/San Fran, and drive across country I’d totally be into living there given the description DoomMunky has written. Ah well…

I can help you with two out of three of those.

DM: Either way, let’s have neighborhood LAN parties.

HELL yeah!

And believe me, guys, there will be some stringent vetting before move-in day.

If (I had a better grasp of geography), I’d suggest my sister and her [email protected]#4ing awesome Bengal cat.

Here’s his reaction video watching 2 girls 1 cup.

You know any cat that can sit through that is one cool cat.

I had friends who were paying ~$1800/month for a microscopic apartment right on the edge of one of the most crime-ridden parts of San Francisco. $600 sounds downright cheap to me.

Yes, but what none of you are factoring in are the daily fumes of fried chicken and cookies permeating from the downstairs Bakesale Betty’s. Before you know it all four of you happy roomates won’t be able to walk up the stairs to your $600 rooms as you’ll all weigh two hundred pounds. The only worse thing I could imagine is being downwind of Zachary’s… I’d give it maybe a year before I couldn’t see my toes.

If ever you need someone to fill in a spot at one of your dinner parties, let me know, I’m seven blocks away :)

I’m sorry, what?