Bay Area peeps: I need some roommates!

The cat looked pretty freaked out to me.

As well he should be watching that clip.

sorry, that was me failing geography and placing north oakland really far away from the financial district.


Doom, how many blocks to a BART station?

If you consider struggling to escape as “sitting through it”, yeah.

Five minute bike ride

A veteran of NYC, my sister just nixed my doommunky roomie suggestion. She considers Oakland, even temescal, way too sketchy for her as a single woman.

“I dont know what has happened to oakland that
makes it so terrible but there is no place in new york this dangerous.
I mean there are drive bys and stuff and car jacking and dead bodies
all the time. its so weird.”

“oh but the geeks will be fine. has lots of good food there. just be
regular safe and park indoors lots of car theft. my pal’s car jsut got
jacked at gunpoint there.”

More like the GAY area

Welcome to the neighborhood! I’m a few blocks away, over in Rockridge. I’m in for the LAN parties.

Also, I’ll put feelers out on the roommate thingy.

Where are you moving from?

Oakland is spread out over a very large area for a relatively low population. The neighborhoods range from semi-war zones to rich enclaves.

I can’t recall a single drive-by (or murder) in the Rockridge or Temescal area in a decade or more.

Yes, cars get broken in to in the area, but no where near the rate of SF.

Yeah, if you asked me this one year later…

I might be interested!

I’m currently living in downtown Oakland in a studio apartment. I’m a 27 year old sociable homebody. I work 9-5 as a data analyst in downtown Berkeley.

Things I’d want to figure out are personality (grab drinks sometime?) and if I can fit my weight bench somewhere.

What? Not in this neighborhood, no. Temescal is between Rockridge, the super-shishi suburban white neighborhood by the hills, and West Oakland, the sketchy, concrete-centric hood. It’s slowly gentrifying, with yarn shops and baby stores, but still has an artist-friendly, down-home vibe. Very little crime at all.

I’m in the Castro in SF, currently. I actually lived at 51st & Telegraph in another apartment for four years before I moved into the City this last year. My brother is still in that old apartment.

It’s on! Drinks soon!

Uh, maybe not in Rockridge, but I can recall more than a few in Temescal in the last year alone. I’m full of awesome Temescal stories, and I’ve only lived in Temescal proper for about two and a half months.

DM: I know someone else who might be interested. I’ll PM you some details.

Yeah, I’m on 58th between telegraph and shattuck, and some dude was shot dead in his car five houses down from ours in late 2007. Of course, it was in front of the one house on the block that was undoubtledly a drug den, and soon as that happened the powers that be evicted those tenants and our street has been a wonderful little residential paradise ever since. (Except for that one time a youth tried coming through the foyer window, fell down wrong and busted his hip.)

I think the prevailing feeling is that the neighborhood can be a little rough around the edges, even here on the periphery of rockridge, but for 99% of the time average (ie non-gang) folk lead a happy life with access to the best of the bay area without enduring the parking mayhem and incessant fog of the city. We could have lived anywhere else, and haven’t.

All you oakland/berkeley folks coming out of the woodwork… we definately need to schedule a drink night. Maybe at the missouri?

Dude, I’m all about the LAN party proposal. In like 2 months, it’s on like Donkey KONG.

One of my good friends just bought a place in Oakland this spring. I don’t know the neighborhood, but it’s near the old quarry where the new condos / houses are going up. (her place was built in the 30’s)
I visited her in her new place about 3 weeks ago for the first time (the weekend after the trial).
I loved her house - and loved Oakland too. It seemed like a great area, we went hiking in the Joaquin Miller park, had dim sum downtown and grabbed dinner in Piedmont.
Before moving to Oakland, she lived in the Twin Peaks neighborhood of San Francisco.
When she was contemplating buying a place with her boyfriend, I remember the conversation of "The only place we can afford is Oakland - Oakland the murder capital of CA!’ like it was some sort of Mad Maxian wasteland.
I replied that I live in the sometime murder capital of NY, but it’s not in my neighborhood - I’ve been here 8 years and still love it.
Don’t think this helps you finding roommates, just a heads up for Oakland.

I like this idea.

I would just like to say that I am reeling from the discriminatory nature of this thread. If I do not recieve specifications on the gun safe within 48 hours, I will initiate legal internet action.


If you guys post details, I’ll see if shift6 and mikesofaer would like to come too. Neither of them have much time for Qt3 of late, but we’re all IRL friends.

And we definitely need to do a South Bay meetup so that fire can come!

Absolutely! Lots of great places in the south bay.