BBC Natural History: Life in the undergrowth

I’ve no idea if David Attenborough or programmes like Blue Planet are known outside the UK, but please, please look for the above on Torrent sites or whatever channel is intelligent enought to buy it.

Pure wow TV.

Series covers invertebrates and hasn’t suffered to date (that I’ve noticed) from what I thought were massive problems with Blue Planet (splicing two separate scenes together etc)

Man, I grew up on nature shows long before Animal Planet’s reality-tv animal drama. David Attenborough is a god among men.

DiscoveryHD has some really good nature programming. Nature shows in high definition are awesome. I watched a fascinating show about rodents a few weeks back. My cats were enthralled.

My gf and I have been digging through Attenborough’s ‘Life of Birds’ and ‘Life of Mammals’ via Netflix. It’s probably the most enjoyment we’ve gotten out of a TV series is ages, although it does always leave me in a funk thinking about the decreasing variety in nature.

Will check this out.

This weeks was pretty good looking at the symbiotic/parasitic relationship between various bugs. Next week’s looks a humdinger, but that might just be because I like bees.