BBC News story on WoW gold farmers

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All I want to know is would adding red backlighting in my office, like Ryan in the UK, make my PC run faster or just attract BBC interviewers?

First, just say no to RealPlayer. Uh, I just won’t install that.

Second they refer to WoW as “the cult game” or some such. Wasn’t movies like Rocky Horror a cult hit/movie because it was respected by a small group of passionate people. 7 million subscribers is small and not know about? Of did they mean that we were all acting like a cult and thinking about drinking the KoolAid?

Third, I use a WoW addon called SpamSenty that allows me to one-click report people to the GMs that try and gold spam me (it blocks the message, too). Aces!

Real Alternative can play RealMedia files without the drawback of, you know, installing that ghastly fucking RealPlayer. It plays 'em in Media Player Classic, which is part of the package.

Edit: It’s supposed to be compatible with other video players too, but I just use MPC.

I’ll add that there’s another version that plays Quicktime movies.

I saw a link to this hugely expensive research report on one of my work sites.

"Virtual Currencies in China: Q Coins, Gold Farms, and Real Money Trades "

I imagine would be quite interesting read, perhaps someone here has a work budget or accounts that would allow them to order it.

shrug I suppose it’s a matter of perspective: for gaming, 8 million current players is absolutely phenomenonal, but compared to, say, the size of TV audiences for a popular show, it looks kinda puny; that’s closer to the ratings on a “cult” TV show like Xena or Buffy. Or they may mean “cult” in terms of how passionately people are devoted to it. Or “cult” in the sense of outside the norm: while every gamer knows about WoW and gaming in general is pretty mainstream, not every gamer is into MMORPGs; and the real hardcore WoW players must look pretty geeky to the average Madden fan.

Still, it only took the BBC 2 1/2 years to take note of WoW. Hooray for mass media!

This is hardly the first time the BBC’s reported on WoW.

I caught this on TV and had to groan at the news anchor’s closing comment after the report was over, “it’s getting increasingly difficult to tell what’s real…” UGH Come ON.


Tom Hanks’ magnum opus, as far as I’m concerned.

The real hardcore WoW players look pretty geeky to the casual WoW player, never mind people who think gaming starts and ends with Minesweeper.

Well, that was more or less my point: WoW is colossal by MMOG standards, but it’s still a subset of all gamers; and even among WoW players, there’s geeky and then there’s geeky.

I’d take that one step further.

Farther? Wait, I hate this metaphor. Are we going farther, as in distance? Taking it one step farther? Or are we taking it one step further? as in degree. I can’t figure this out. I’m talking about degree but I’m using a metaphor that involves distance. Shit.

Alright, so taking this one step f_rther,

I’d say I was geeky when I played WoW, but there were some people that just totally scared the hell out of me. I mean there’s got to be some way to distinguish between “I need to get a life” and “Holy shit, that guy is pooping in his socks!?

So here’s my extension on unbongwah’s expert analysis: there’s geeky, and then there’s geeky. But then there’s also [i]geeky[/i].

And those guys creep me out.

And then there’s the furries in Second Life.

Man, why people always gotta be bringing Second Life into threads where it clearly doesn’t belong?

Like, ya know, threads about games.

I think eight million for a fee-based game is impressive when compared to free TV. I think eight million might be bigger than fee-based radio subs, for example.

Or to put it another way, a single entertainment product that generates more than $500M in revenue directly is very impressive.

Oh, and I wanted to add that my WoW account got hacked recently and everything was sold. I do blame the gold farmers. May they choke on their ill-gotten gains! That bit of strong language made me feel better!

Blizzard did restore everything, as far as I can tell. Not like I had an inventory list.

I don’t get it…

It’s from Mazes & Monsters.