BBC's Blue Planet II

— Alan

Really looking forward to it. The marine stuff is always my favourite Attenborough. I’m hoping they’ll be showing it in HLG on iPlayer.

Nice, 4k HDR pr0n.

It’s pretty great you guys. The orca behaviour in the first episode I’m pretty sure isn’t new, though I can’t remember which documentary I first saw it on, but pretty much everything else was gold. Loved the tusk fish. Sadly, the iPlayer version isn’t in HLG, and I assume the broadcast version isn’t either given the lack of mentions on the web, including home cinema forums. Ah well. My Planet Earth 2 UHD Blu-Ray is coming soon and my XboneX in a week.

Yay, deep sea creatures! Some pretty amazing things in the second episode, including this bonkers fish with a transparent skull, a fish which lives 5,000 metres down, and a sponge that imprisons shrimp for their entire lives.

That’s good to hear! Can’t wait for this to hit 4k disc form.

So, it turns out you will be able to watch Blue Planet 2 in UHD HDR on iPlayer, which is cool (and bodes well for future programming). Infuriatingly, though, they’re only enabling this after showing the whole season. So now I have to watch the whole thing again. Oh well, there are worse ways to spend the time.

Holy shit this looks amazing. HLG broadcasts can’t come soon enough.

So the 4k blu ray looks like it’s coming out the 15th of Jan. Can’t wait!

Some interesting technical commentary on the the HLG process here. Sounds like they’re going to be bumping up SDR broadcasts to 900p in future.

4k US release is March 6th, pre-ordered! Your link in the above post is broken by the way.

How long until 70% of these species are extinct?

This is a question that comes up in the series.

Link fixed.