BBC's Planet Earth

This show is simply badass. It’s a sequel, technologically and narratively, of sorts to Blue Planet, but features all sorts of new filming techniques (was done all in HD though it is not being broadcast that way), helicopter gimble-cams, Nepalese spy-planes, and a seeming focus on things that have rarely been filmed (for various reasons). Also the most expensive documentary the BBC has ever done ($40+ million), and they’ve split it into two “series” I guess, 5 episodes in the spring and 6 in the fall. Not sure when it’ll be available in the US, but it is really cool and worth watching if you like nature programs.

The torrent I got doesn’t include the 10-minute “diary” which did come with a version I found on the newsgroups, which is an interesting behind-the-scenes look at the wild dog hunt segment.

— Alan

I loved watching it. The torrent I happened to get did have the 10 minute diary part, which I also quite enjoyed. The narration was also very well done, I thought.

I’m looking forward to the next “episode”.

This show is great.

Where’s the HD version!

Attenborough is one of my favorite people ever.

Fucking hot. I’m watching The Blue Planet now and it is very great. When’s the DVD out? I will get this.

Blue Planet DVD’s been out for a while.

That is how I’ve been watching it. I meant the Planet Earth DVD. Sorry I was not more clear.

The show only started airing; the second episode (Mountains) was today. With the split season I dunno what the plan on with the DVDs or when. Probably won’t see the HD versions till then or maybe when they cross over to the US.

— Alan

If the BBC is true to form, they’ll release it just after the show finishes airing in the UK, though possibly not outside the UK. I’ve no idea if US TV generally buys this sort of thing but it might take a little while longer to get to you lot.

Considering this is one of the few things I’ll normally turn my TV on for, I’ve managed to miss it completely so far and I’m really annoyed about it. i watch maybe an hour of TV a week and I want this to be the hour I watch.

Well they did import Blue Planet (to Discovery Channel I believe) and considering the nature/high cost of it I’m sure they’ll export it to the US eventually.

— Alan

So I watched the 2nd episode, Mountains, last night… was still very cool. Not sure if it ended prematurely or what (the version I saw did not have a video diary), defintiely didn’t end like the first one did.

Still quite amazing, the footage of the snow leopard basically traversing vertically down a rocky slope at high speed after prey is simply amazing. Hell any footage of the elusive, rare snow leopard is amazing.

— Alan

He just narrates, humans barely (in the first episodes just one instance) appear in the show (the diaries of course are usually done by the producers/photographers).

— Alan

The second half of the show is starting up again; episode 6 just aired.

— Alan

Is it airing on regular Discovery or some weird “discovery something-or-other” channel I don’t have?

It’s only showing on BBC (and now simulcast in BBC HD, when it was not done so earlier) for now. However, because Discovery and Nippon were both major funders, I anticipate it’ll show up in its entirety on Discovery soon, though probably after the New Year. No announcement for US broadcast has not been made, however.

— Alan

The first series has been announced for the end of November on DVD.
Check for pre-orders.

R2 only or…?

— Alan

Yes, only R2 for the earliest release:

Region 1 is priced in Canadian dollars here:

But all the boxes (three of them) have a December 12th release date.

Just watched episode six. Thank you BBC for finally airing it in HD!

During the summer, the CBC here aired episode one to five in HD, but I didn’t get to catch them. Anyone know if they were just converted or upscaled versions of the one’s the BBC aired or if they were true HD?

Oh I’m not really sure, BBC didn’t air the true 720p episodes till the summer. I don’t think they’re converted or upscale but shot in original resolution (but I could be wrong).

Some of the stuff in Episode 6 is badass. You can’t go wrong with penguins.

— Alan