Be amazingly afraid!

I must caution you to NOT look at these images of this chess game if you’ve recently had heart surgery, loose bowels or just plain gas. But you WILL feel quite…dirty. Once you’ve seen a chess pieces penis, life will never be the same. And you’ll have an unquenchable need to shower often. :twisted:


If someone could do this an RTS they might have something…

Heh, reminds me of history of the world part 1:

“Bishop threatens queen. Knight takes queen. Everybody jumps queen!”

lol awesome.


Hmmm, a RTS sex game…imagine the possibilities… :D

Is there gay sex when a male piece takes another male piece?

How do you decide which animations to use between capturing or being captured?

The best part about this game (best game … ev4r?) is that someone actually thought about making it - for quite some time :).

I had the same thought.

Please, no pawn orgies! :oops:

Edit, it looks like only one side has male characters?

The white pawns are women. What is a “queen” on the male side then?

:boggle boggle:

hahahaha, I guess it had to be done eventually. Next…Love Monopoly! Muahahahah

Some questions don’t need to be answered.

“Love Chess: The Greek Era”

hmm, from the name, I’ve deduced two things.

  1. Much anal sex
  2. Other ‘eras’ have or are being considered

So does that mean Love Chess: The Plague Era is coming?

-AM Urbanek

(and being the American born that I am, at first glance I thought the game cost over $16,000…which I then assumed to be prospective development costs)

Would you hold it against me if I actually wanted to buy this game?

Afterall, $17 is pretty cheap for a little novelty.

Free would be too costly. Where’s your self-respect? :)

Zowie, imagine the additional strategic layer in a game.

“Well you could use your Queen to put my king in check, but you remember what happens when a Queen takes a Knight don’t you? My Knight is right over here, willing to be taken.” wink wink nudge nudge