Be careful with New World (possibly bricking video cards)

I know. As a person with a 3080 FE I worry if I could ever get a replacement if it went poof. I limit everything to 60 now because of shortages. Whole thing is ridiculous.

There have been other reports of this happening, it might only occur on a small subset of the first group of cards released, and only in games/benchmarks that are power viruses. Nobody really knows yet. But it’s definitely EVGA’s fault.

It definitely isn’t the user’s fault for uncapping framerates, unless that setting had a big warning next to it. I wouldn’t think twice about doing that normally. And it isn’t Amazon’s fault for allowing them to be uncapped, lots of games do that.

Yep, this is me, and I only have a $700 videocard! PUT EVERYTHING ON ULTRA!!!1!


Hot new game releases always tend to get these vague reports. Someone with a device on the edge of failure fires up a big new game for the first time in a while, watches their hardware die, and immediately goes on a forum to claim it was the game’s fault. If they had instead played a game they play all the time and experienced the same failure they’d realize the fault is more likely with the hardware. Suddenly it’s going around Twitter that God of War kills PS4s or whatever, and a few opportunistic blogs always decide to write it up.

Perhaps I misunderstood, I thought it was something they had done in the gpu settings, rather than in game. For instance, in the nvidia Control panel, there’s an option to cap frame rate at a specific value. I had thought users had overridden a setting there (which you would think would have a warning on it).

From the official post lined in the other thread:

Thank you all for sharing your reports about this problem, we believe this is related with driver settings and frame rate limiters.

  1. Disable the overrides in the driver settings,
  2. Make sure to press “APPLY”
  3. Restart the game client.

I believe the default setting in game is uncapped.

I feel this. I hope you get to upgrade your GTX960 soon too!

There shouldn’t be a way for a game developer to brick your GPU, no matter how demanding or unoptimised it is. Unless it’s shown that the New World devs were being intentionally malicious or were compromised in some way, the assumed fault is clearly on the manufacturer.

Depending on how recently you bought it… that could be a used 1080 Ti nowadays.

So it turns out you probably wanted to play New World to expose your bad batch of 3090 so you could get it replaced.