Be my Google - help me find 80's games on t-shirt

So my company is throwing our yearly (late) summer party and as so many other before them they’ve chosen an 80’s theme. There’s no way in hell, I’m dressing up but being a gamer and representing our only computer magazine, I thought a nice (black or red) gaming related shirt would be the thing.

Only the ones I can find are just cheap crappy knock off prints that probably won’t last.

So help me QT3 - post your shirts (except for Datter).

Just for that I am mailing you a package. Please open it in your home.

You’ll want to wear the classic.

Actually, this is the classic:

What’s wrong with this place? That Atari shirt is “officially licensed” but may still be a cheap knockoff. I mean, you’re talking about buying t-shirts on the internet.

Oh cool. I have promised extarbags a t-shirt quilt of these. He has a great Donkey Kong one but he will probably wear that one until it is more of an idea than a shirt.

Score! Excellent link Dean.

My Donkey Kong one is a screencap of the first level, and it gets me compliments everywhere I go. Also this:

You can’t go wrong with a classic like this:

Actually, I’m not so worried about copyright as I am of print quality. I hade how cheap t-shirts look after just a few washes. I had a cool Al Swearengen t-shirt of ebay, that only lasted 10 washes.

I actually have the above in red, given to me by Atari. I don’t mind something a bit more recognizable.

Bonus! Here’s a designh I found while searching myself:

If you happen to be in Japan (and if these are still on the shelf), go visit UNIQLO!

my Street Fighter 2 shirt: