Beach Life

I bought this neat little beach resort management sim yesterday and I must say that I really enjoy it. For those who haven’t played it, you are to build up a beach resort, complete with pools, beer, beach chairs,theme pubs, restaurants and more beer. Amorous couples having casual sex on the beach is also included.

It’s got a lot of nice touches and the resort can be made to look very appealing, but I’m a bit concerned about game depth though. Basically the only struggle offered so far is meeting the goals in time, the struggle has always been about making enough money before a certain deadline to build whatever needs building. I don’t mind much yet though, the game play is casual and addictive, and at 99 kr (~11$) I’ve gotten my moneys worth if nothing else.

Does anyone else have opinions on the game? (It was called Spring Break in the US I’m told)