Bears eating fish


The internet has now been whittled down to a single page. Kudos.

The bear cam was broken for me, so I clicked on the puppy cam instead.

There goes my day.

You’re totally missing out. The bears are standing in water, and occasionally they eat a fish. It’s awesome.

I think the puppies are amazing, too, but then I’m a total sucker for goldens.

Every year in Tahoe there is an annual salmon spawning festival that is inevitably crashed by local bears.

Even though these bears are relatively used to humans and calm, it is still crazy to witness this stuff up close. Here is one of my favorite pics from a few years ago.

Mama got a salmon by nmhansen, on Flickr

Gah, where was this link all week? I was sitting in a training class, so this would have been the perfect background to my sleeping-while-pretending-to-pay-attention.