Beast Breaker - "a turn-based mouse-bouncing adventure"

Since January 2020, I’ve been working with a brand new indie studio called Vodeo Games, and today we announced the studio and our first game: BEAST BREAKER.

We’re calling it a turn-based, mouse-bouncing adventure, and an example of the kind of “cozy-crunchy” games we want to make at the studio. Those are games that are intimate and accessible while also centering on intricate gameplay systems that you can really dig deeply into.

Our plan is to launch this summer on PC and Switch!

(I have to attempt to maintain some messaging discipline, so I apologize that I can’t necessarily go into all the details about the game now. But as we reveal more I will share it here, if folks are interested.)

Love the “cozy-crunchy” tag. Any games in particular you had in mind developing this philosophy? Makes me think of Peggle.

“Cozy-crunchy” is what I call the baked top of ziti or mac & cheese.

Oh this looks great! Some of the pics on the main site are really intriguing too.

Looks cool.

Looks really interesting. Good luck to you and your studio!

Peggle is definitely an inspiration for Beast Breaker specifically, along with other bouncy games like Breakout and Holedown.

We hope that “cozy-crunchy” can cover a lot of different genres, but I personally think of games like Plants vs. Zombies, Into the Breach, or Patapon.

I’m going to take a guess and say it’s our hex-grid map that might have piqued your interest…?

Thanks for the kind words, everyone! I’m champing at the bit to share more!

Loved Threes, so I am definitely in. Looking forward to hearing more.

That looks ducking (Great typo) amazing!

It immediately reminded me for some reason of a classic iOS game called “Amazing Breaker”.

Seriously can’t wait to find out more.

Oh, and your “cozy crunchy” sounds like what I have long referred to as “hardcore casual”, Puzzle Quest being the original example.

Please share more when you can! I’d play this.

Yes, this definitely came to mind watching the trailer! (Sweet music too!)

Yeah, it hinted at a more expansive layer/connective tissue between the battles, which always excites me. I also liked seeing the HUD with the different abilities, movement/paw units, and enemy part states. The typography looks very nice, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from the studio behind Threes! When I told my girlfriend she immediately said ‘Asher Vollmer!’

I’m intrigued. I hope we get to see some proper gameplay soon!