Beast Breaker - "a turn-based mouse-bouncing adventure"

Thanks, Dan! A comparison with Puzzle Quest is high praise! Glad you’re enjoying our game.

Since we have a few Qt3 folks playing now, I’m curious what weapons everyone gravitates toward.

Finally played an hour of this and love it! Great mechanics, so much fun.

So this is $7.59 on Epic right now (free to me with my coupon) so I’m wondering about it. Do we have any recent gameplay impressions?

I may be being dumb, but is there no way (on Switch) to just rotate your launch angle, rather than aiming in a direction? I 'm finding it tricky to make very small adjustments.

One of the sets of the shoulder buttons do just that, pixel per pixel. It accelerates progressively if you keep the button down.
Or maybe it was the dpad? I can’t remember because it felt so natural to me!

I missed this until Tom’s game of the year list, so here is a really delayed response: It’s always hammer time in my house. I am having a great time with this one. I play it in short bursts because I want to savor the cozy feel that the game has.

Nightguant, if I play through the story, will there be more opportunities to bounce monsters to death after it is complete? I’m trying to decide if I should advance the plot or just play the side missions forever.

The triggers will rotate faster and the shoulder buttons slower, so use the shoulder buttons for fine adjustment, like Left_Empty said.


Once the story is complete, you can keep playing! In fact, in all likelihood you’ll have a bunch of stuff you haven’t crafted, and there is a little bit of extra story when that’s done.

So glad you’re enjoying it!

I don’t think the UI or game explained it, but what does the division between available quests mean? Some seem procedurally generated while others seem story, I guess the story missions are on top?

I’m also having trouble with the hex-overworld minigame thing. I feel like I’m just randomly stumbling around, anyone have a good strategy for it?

Dont overthink the hex minigame: it only comes in in the latter parts of the game, and you’ll have it figured by then - the small size of the map in the early stages prevent any trial and error learning.

Yep, the ones at the top (marked with yellow pins) are story quests, and the lower ones are randomly generated expeditions (red pins).

In one of those random little coincidences, I read this thread and this post for the first time this morning due to the thread getting bumped plus Tom’s top ten list.

I just went to the loo and picked up my Edge magazine and the Beast Breaker preview was on the very next page from where I left off. Crazy! (I’m only on the August issue because I fell behind with my Edge reading after the pandemic mail chaos resulted in a bunch of back issues arriving all at once.)

I thought Asher Vollmer came off quite witty and self-effacing in the preview.

Game looks fun! I will buy it for sure.

If Metacritic is to be trusted, Edge then sort of panned it in its review, saying it was not realistic or something.

I suppose I’ll get to that issue and review some time later this summer.

Get the game before, as to laugh at them wiggling many fingers!

Now that’s a good plan! :D

Yeah, we haven’t actually been able to read the whole Edge review! (Maybe you can DM me a photo when you get to it, rr?) I’m sure there’s something to their complaints about the unrealistic physics, but I believe its the only place we’ve seen that called out in a review, so it’s a little odd.

(Also, I know some folks are not down with Epic, but if you want to play on PC, it’s a great time to buy on the Epic store with the Lunar sale coupon–just $5!)

Bought it! I signed up for the Epic emails to get a coupon. Liking the game very much so far.

Just done the same! I only didn’t purchase it with the previous epic coupon because I got puzzled by the $ → £ in the promo!

I was in the mood for something smaller in scope after Elden Ring consumed the vast majority of recent playtime, so I decided it is time for Beast Breaker! I’ve only fought a couple battles but it makes a nice first impression.

Question: It’s better to destroy all the non vital cores first to get as many motes as I can right? Or do you just get all the motes when the vital core is destroyed anyway?

Also, was Steamworld Heist an inspiration for the ricochet mechanics?

You don’t get maximum motes unless you destroy all the smaller cores AND pick them up before finishing off the vital core. (One small exception: If you destroy a non-vital core on the same shot as the vital core, you’ll pick up the motes from both.)

I don’t think we ever talked about Steamworld Heist! We referred most often to Holedown, Breakout, and Peggle when it came to the bounce mechanics.

Hope you enjoy the game!