Beast Breaker - "a turn-based mouse-bouncing adventure"

Ah, what a glorious patch! All the stuttering jumping around my beasts, gone!

Slight spoiler, so I’ll blur, this is a bug report for @Nightgaunt , although I bet it’s been reported already:

I have spotted a slight issue with the Upgrade interface: the X button press doesnt let me examine, I cant access the right menu items like “show/hide upgraded”, and pressing B to cancel on an upgrade throw me back to the Forge menu.

Also, dang it, every time I fire up the game again after a day, I forget how lovely all the cast characters are. It takes a lot for me to not be annoyed, especially by animal impersonations, and I just like every single one of them. What a cheerful game, despite its grim background story.

Glad you’re enjoying it! And I hope the update only makes it better!

Thanks, Left_Empty! As it happens, we are tracking all these issues.

If anyone finds issues while playing, you can check here to see if it’s already been reported, and if it isn’t, we’d greatly appreciate you filling out this form, if you’re able, to let us know about it!

The Beast Breaker soundtrack by Big Giant Circles is now on Spotify!

It’s been a week since release, and the launch discount is about to expire. Not a single review. What do you guys think? Is this holding up?

They also briefly talked about it on The Besties, as one of the “hidden gems” of the year.

Here’s another one.

I’m a few hours in and still enjoying it, especially after the patch fixed the chugging in battles. There are things I could nitpick, but if the premise appeals to you, I think you’ll easily get your money’s worth, especially with the launch discount.

Thanks. I searched Metacritic, Open Critic, and Twitter. No reviews. I’m glad some outlets are talking about the game. I look forward to playing it.

No, you’re basically right. We’re hopeful more reviews are on the way, but there were so many indie games released this month, it may be getting carried off in the avalanche.

Wanted to bump this to say that the 20% launch discount on Beast Breaker that brings the price down from fifteen to TWELVE DOLLARS is only available for another 24-ish hours.

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We’ve released a couple patches to both platforms, addressing performance, balance, and some crashes. More to come!

If you’ve played and enjoyed it, please consider leaving a Metacritic review and, of course, spread the word however you can!

Just finished this. Really nice job @nightgaunt and team!

Enjoyed the novel battle system and trying out such a big range of weapons in it, and the writing had a lot more depth and heart than I expected at first.

I went through most of the game using new weapons as often as possible, but when the difficulty started to spike in the last area, I wound up going back to a build that seemed vastly more powerful than anything else I tried. It was fun, but to keep the other weapons somewhat competitive you should really probably nerf Big Slammer, which winds up feeling like easy mode, killing everything short of the final boss more quickly, safely, and profitably than anything else I tried.

Hey, glad you liked it, Thraeg! Balance suggestions duly noted! I’m glad you appreciated the story. I know cartoon animals might set expectations at a particular level, but I was really happy with the serious stuff we were able to say and show.

Wanted to let any Beast Breaker players know that there is a new patch out for Mac and PC, and also working its way through Nintendo’s approval process (give it a few days)! There are a lot of bugs fixed, including a number of crashes. Specifics here.

If you’ve been playing, thanks for being patient as our small team continues to make improvements. And if you’ve finished the game, there might be something coming in the near future that makes it worth returning to!

Also, I was the guest on a Nintendo-focused podcast called All N recently, talking about Beast Breaker and how it was made. I wasn’t familiar with this podcast previously, but the guys who make it do a great job.

Finally, our founder, Asher Vollmer, is slated to be on next week’s episode of the Eggplant podcast, which is a show where game devs ask other game devs about game dev.

Huh, I submitted a bug report but it doesn’t appear to be on the bug tracker! That’s annoying because I can’t remember the conditions that led to it now and I spent a while filling it all out. I uploaded a video which shows the tracking mini-game music overlap the boss music, but after the first turn it stops, mercifully!

The tracker only has the most common or most severe bugs on it. We definitely have your bug in our internal system. Thanks for reporting it!

Oh phew, that’s great to hear, thanks! :-)

Switch players! The patch finally cleared Nintendo’s lotcheck! Should be available now or within the hour. Thanks for your patience. I know there were some really pesky crashes in that last patch.

A pretty positive review from John Walker:

I honestly don’t understand why all games don’t try to implement at least something from Peggle . What’s special about Beast Breakers is that it doesn’t just rest on that notion, but instead creates a unique and elaborate game around the mechanic, meaning it’s so much more. While it’s a little rough in some areas, there’s so much going on here, with the satisfaction of its ping-pongy combat, that it’s got its hooks in m[e] anyway.

A good episode featuring Beast Breakers Asher on the eggplant 🍆 podcast!

Link Eggplant: The Secret Lives of Games: 81: Scaling and Scoping with Asher Vollmer (Beast Breaker)

Big news today at Vodeo Games: