Beast Breaker - "a turn-based mouse-bouncing adventure"

Now that’s a good plan! :D

Yeah, we haven’t actually been able to read the whole Edge review! (Maybe you can DM me a photo when you get to it, rr?) I’m sure there’s something to their complaints about the unrealistic physics, but I believe its the only place we’ve seen that called out in a review, so it’s a little odd.

(Also, I know some folks are not down with Epic, but if you want to play on PC, it’s a great time to buy on the Epic store with the Lunar sale coupon–just $5!)

Bought it! I signed up for the Epic emails to get a coupon. Liking the game very much so far.

Just done the same! I only didn’t purchase it with the previous epic coupon because I got puzzled by the $ → £ in the promo!

I was in the mood for something smaller in scope after Elden Ring consumed the vast majority of recent playtime, so I decided it is time for Beast Breaker! I’ve only fought a couple battles but it makes a nice first impression.

Question: It’s better to destroy all the non vital cores first to get as many motes as I can right? Or do you just get all the motes when the vital core is destroyed anyway?

Also, was Steamworld Heist an inspiration for the ricochet mechanics?

You don’t get maximum motes unless you destroy all the smaller cores AND pick them up before finishing off the vital core. (One small exception: If you destroy a non-vital core on the same shot as the vital core, you’ll pick up the motes from both.)

I don’t think we ever talked about Steamworld Heist! We referred most often to Holedown, Breakout, and Peggle when it came to the bounce mechanics.

Hope you enjoy the game!

Oh, Holedown indeed! Didn’t occur to me. I had wished that game was more than what it was. Granted!

Definitely glad I played this game. The early part was especially engaging and the game doled out new things to keep it fresh. I enjoyed the different weapons - mostly played with the sword and the hammer. Once I got to the point where I had the individual weapon parts to craft I was kinda ready to be done. My inclination / obsession is to play a game to completion before moving to something else. Once I stop, many times I stop for good so I tend to play a game in large quantities even if I would be better served playing a game in smaller doses and mixing in other things.

At the very end I enjoyed the final confrontation. It seemed fresh again - just felt different. As a whole the game was relatively easy. I didn’t fail too many missions. I could have used a bit more challenge within each mission, but I am glad the game wasn’t punishing for failure. That was a good choice.

I’m glad grinding wasn’t necessary. I hit the final set of missions 1 level below what was required to unlock them. I did 1 or 2 of the aid missions and had them unlocked.

Again, nice job on the game!

So glad you enjoyed it!

Beast Breaker is 20% off on both Epic and Switch currently! What a deal on Tom’s #6 game of 2021!

Epic Store link

Cool, looks like a perfect fit for the Switch!