Beasts of Prey - The other dinosaur survival crafter Early Access game

This is different from The Stomping Land in a couple of ways. First, you’re eventually crafting and buying guns and vehicles. The vibe is definitely more Jurassic Park than The Land That Time Forgot. Second, it’s a single-server affair. Finally, it’s first-person.

I like the color palette, but it sounds like there are some really rough issues right now.

  • Single Server MMOFPS Sandbox.
  • Dynamic Procedual Terrain increasing based on server population.
  • First Person Shooter meets Sandbox MMO!
  • Beautiful & rich world.
  • Extensive gathering and crafting system.
  • You build the world! From axes to rifles, from houses to massive industrials structures like Oilrigs.
  • Everything built can be conquered or destroyed. Defend outposts and towns or conquer them.
  • Massive Dinosaurs will hunt the weak! Be on your guard!
  • Craft, Build, Gather, Expore, Hunt, Kill, Destroy - you can do it all how you want.
  • Explore the world by vehicles or by foot.
  • Build headquarters with your friends or clanmates!
  • Plan and operate energy-related production and consumption units.
  • Native Oculus Rift Support

It does look pretty damn cool. If they can pull it off, could be a fun game to romp around in.

According to early reports, it’s broken now. The official server has disabled the dinosaurs completely due to performance issues.

Is that triceratops wearing a muzzle, or did his nose get stuck in the kibbles bowl?