Beat Metroid Prime?

Now try to do it in under 1 hour and 37 minutes…with 100% items.

This was posted at the GAF earlier in the week but I bet there’s some folks here that would enjoy watching it. Definitely full of spoilers if you didn’t get to the end, but finish the game and then watch this and you’ll be amazed.


Maybe somebody can throw a spin on this to put it at the same level as running the mile or something, but I just can’t separate whatever “accomplishment” has been made from the dementia required to achieve it. There’s hardcore gaming, and there’s “what the fuck”.

It’s an entertainment in and of itself–what asinine things will people do in various games in the name of competition? GameFAQs is a haven for such people. I’m playing through FFX and reading about people trying to go through the game with only Tidus or without using the sphere grid.

It’s just their way of getting the most out of a game. They enjoy finding the fastest/best way of playing. In a strategy game, it would be like finding the best way to play a turn and migrating that into every turn thereafter through repetition. But in an action game, it also requires manual dexterity which makes it double incredible when someone does something like this.

I’m not going to judge someone like this because I think it’s pretty damn cool that he went and figured it all out and then executed it with reasonable precision in a way you would never expect. It’s just the way this particular guy has fun.


If you dig in the articles, you’ll find the guy who made it through Diablo 2 (not the expansion) solo normal mode as like a level 6 or 7 character. It was pretty impressive considering how much trouble I inially had with the game.


Yes, because the speed of completion has NEVER factored into a Metroid game. Just as well, people do everything in singleplayer games out of competition instead of out of wanting to tool around and see what they can get away with for the purposes of their own amusement. Also, shut up.

My reply was nicer…but uh… what he said. ^^^ :twisted:


Quality stuff, let me try to get the anger really flowin: ARRRR YOU SUCK WUSSY GOOSE FACE ASS! Phew, I had forgotten that exhilarating rush of apathy that fighting with trolls provides.

Let me be sure to bookmark this thread so I can sit at my fucking computer all night and respond within 90 seconds to any nonsensical flames with my own nonsensical flame and hope to eventually convince myself that I owned you.

I’m sure there are things that are more worthy of criticism than poor saps who have nothing better to do than try to beat their favorite game with one hand behind their back while standing on their head and listening to the new Britney Spears CD. But that’s a ridiculous point to make because of COURSE it’s true.

Sure it’s “cool” that some guy can beat Metroid in a ridiculously low amount of time. But it’s simultaneously “uncool” because it has very little practical value other that what has become the “measure your penis of the 21st century” - “How fast can you beat XXX?” “What beta did you start playing XXX in?” or anything else equally juvenile.

I don’t understand people who take games to that level of competitition (and yes that’s competition, he’s trying to measure himself up against the rest - if it wasn’t he would keep his damn time to himself) because I think it destroys what is inherently great about video games.

But I can’t knock that guy too hard, at least he isn’t a troll on an internet message board.

Ok, just what is it that’s inherently great about video games that got destroyed here. If they aren’t about competition, just what the hell are they about?

I can’t wait for this one.


Just a shot in the dark: Fun?

I know that’s a four-letter word on these forums, but really, that’s the point.

Of course, some people find competition fun. Some people find beating Resident Evil using only the knife is fun. All subjective.

That said, there’s a point at which I just have to shake my head in bewilderment. I loved MP and all, but man…


…was that a joke? Do you really believe that games are only about competition? I feel so… bad for you.

Of all the games I own, it is fair to say that the majority of them (I refuse to make up an asinine percentage here) have been played for my own enjoyment. I didn’t run off and compare scores or gloat about how quickly I beat them or play them for the sake of any measurement at all. Sure there are quite a few games where I enjoy being competitive, mostly the online variety… but I find it very odd that you’re so wildly defending a person who has played a game to a point where he’s not “playing a game”, he’s creating a statistic.

And quite honestly it’s weird if you think about how many times he had to play that one game just so he could be “the guy that it beat it in X amount of time”. Not my cup of tea. I’m not going to judge him for it, but I’m not going to commend his ability to dedicate three months of his life to playing too much Metroid Prime.

But then again I don’t buy into most of those Guiness World Records either.

I wonder if the over-exaggeration was greater before or after the edit.

This might come as a shocker to you, but people sometimes like the games they play. Some games offer enough where you want to play them after you’ve beaten them. Sometimes people can’t afford new games on a regular basis, so they have to make do with what they’ve got. Whichever reason it is, it’s usually in the context of having fun with the game. There’s no bloody jihad occuring whenever someone comes up with a better score or faster time. It’s just something fun to do, which i would hope coincides with the act of playing a video game.

Speed runs have been done before with Super Metroid, and the ZSNES movies are damned cool to watch. The Quake Done Quick demos, done by the same people who did this MP thing, are equally impressive. Before that, there were people who could whiz through SMB, and before that there were high scores on arcade games. Hate to disappoint you, Captain Philosophy, but there’s no secret zen motivation beyond “Sure, why not?”. Whatever high road you’re trying to take simply doesn’t exist.

For your efforts at debunking the non-existent myth that these things are Earth-shattering accomplishments, i reward you with a resounding DUH.

Well, if you can remember back far enough, the “goal” in any given game was to reach a point score (100,000 usually) that would award a free life. You had 3, ya know. Thus, you’d play as long as you could on those 3 guys, and earn as many extras as possible. When you were done, you got a list of who the top 10 players were and if you fit in the list then you got to put your 3 initials in.

So, in the early days there were two things you could talk about… what your score was (and how it related to the high score on the game at the time) and how many levels (boards, maps, whatever) you managed to get past before losing your last life.

Now that games are about “story” and such, there’s no raw score calculated - so to demonstrate and compete in the realm of mastery you have to come up with an artificial scoring method. I think time to complete is a pretty valid display of 0wnage, considering you need the skill to not only complete the game without dying AT ALL, you also have to have a complete memorization of every level and the most efficient manner to complete it.

And that’s why I can sit there and enjoy the heck out of watching someone tear through a game in record time - because I know the dude is a complete master of the game, and I learn a lot from seeing how “it’s done”.

I prefer 2.a. myself.

Even the first with its “party games” and “word games” implies competition.

This is exactly what I think is wrong with the industry right now. Everyone suddenly decided that games are about some kind of “experience” and not the act of defining rules for competition whether that be against a human or computer opponent. Even an RPG is a “game” in the purest sense of the word as you compete within a set of rules to “win” the game.

The fact that one person can do it faster than you and has the time, devotion and love of that game to become better than you doesn’t mean he has broken some law of “game”. In fact, he’s simply doing what he’s expected to by definition.

I’d really like to see all the movie makers and storytellers leave this industry so the people that make real games can get back to what they know best.


Wow. Way to take the “RP” out of “RPG.” :shock:

I have no problems with people performing “stunts” in games, but I don’t really have much personal interest in doing so myself.

That’s why “win” is in quotes. For an RPG…of the tabletop variety at least…winning is creating, sustaining and growing a character through many adventures. If your character dies, you lose. If there’s losing, there has to be winning.

I love how everyone’s trying to pigeonhole this as a stunt or a fit of insanity. The person was just playing the game to the best of their ability. 100% of the items are found and the time is the lowest they could get. It’s a score, nothing more.

Next time I won’t bother posting something like this here. Everyone’s way too high and mighty to step down off their soapboxes and just enjoy this stuff.


Is’n’t this just the same as Horse Jumping?
I mean the old-fashioned one, where you actually have a big, smelly horse with a rider clinging on for dear life as the horse tries to jump through a course of hurdles without knocking down pieces of the hurdles.

The first part in deciding who wins such a contest is to count how many hurdles were knocked down. The best possible score, naturally, is zero. If there still is a tie, your rank is decided by the time you took to complete the course. (Some competitions have a second round, but the concept is the same.)

In Metroid Prime getting 100% of the items is the same as knocking over zero hurdles. Time is only a tie-breaker for those who desperately feel the need to ‘beat’ someone else, regardless of whether you’re in front of a computer or on horseback.

I look at it as the “other” form of horse jumping… from a tall tower, into a pool of water as spectacle and entertainment. It’s the video game version of “Hey, check this crazy shit out!” The crowd cheers, and the next guy has to jump into a smaller pool… eventually you end up with a 200’ drop into a glass of water. This is just a lot easier on the horses.

I fail to see how party games and word games imply competition. But since you’re putting everything in your perspective there’s no point trying to argue the semantics of word definition.

I like to play games for fun, competition sometimes is involved, but I think there are times when people are far too competitive and perhaps you can argue the opposite. I just don’t see why you freaked out in the defense of some guy who did something purposefully weird for attention. Maybe you like to be competitive on forums as well.

Oh, now that wasn’t petty at all.