Beat the Geeks

Anyone see this gameshow?

Very entertaining. They picked quite a cast of geeks to fill it out, and the contestants are great!

Bah. It’s just pure geeksploitation.

I find myself watching it anytime I come across it while it’s on but at the same time I keep thinking to myself that I don’t really enjoy it. I think I watch it more to see the trivia than anything else. I don’t like any of the cast on it, I find them all horribly annoying.
I’m sure I’ll continue to watch it though. It’s just one of those things.

I thought they cancelled the show as I hadn’t seen it forever.

I enjoyed it well enough. I thought the game itself could have used a little improvement, and I noticed during the second season that they had sped things up a bit which helped.

If you ever want to see the creepiest man alive, check out an episode with the Playboy Geek. He manages to get every question wrong which means that he is only an expert at fapping to Playboy, rather than actually knowing anything about it.

Oh, and the Star Trek Geek was in the outstandingly disturbing film “Trekkies”.

That episode was pure comedy. Not only his lack of trivia knowledge like you said, but when they brought out a woman who had posed in Playboy to present one of the questions. The look on his face compared to those of the other three as she pranced around was just creepy and hilarious.

Trekkies completely rules.

I’ve seen the Playboy geek. Oh my. Not as bad as the friends geek who get beaten in 5 seconds