Beautiful Katamari demo on OXM disc -- teh fun?

Is it? It’s sitting on top of my disc pile, but given our blessed arrival this week, I haven’t had ANY 360 time whatsoever, and I may not for a few days more. Assuage my proxy curiosity pleeez okthxbye!

(PLEASE don’t derail this thread with ranting about for-pay demos being good or bad or nothing new or WHAT THE FUCK EVER, WHO CARES, I’m talking GAME here!)

Edit: Holy shit, this is post 360 * 10 for me :-D

I dunno how they can ruin the gameplay of Katamari - it’s pretty straightforward.
I’d like to buy OXM to try it, but it’s nearly $20 here :(
(I can pick up Enchanted Arms for that price now)

Still the same controls, same gameplay, so all is good.

There’s a 3m play timer, which is annoying. Also, the first was hilarious because of the translation and general quirkiness - the King this around seems to be trying to hard. :(

I don’t know about fun in light of the 3min timer, but it is confirmation that they didn’t screw up the core gameplay.