Beauty and the Geek

Does anyone watch this reality show? Even if you don’t care about the outcome, the unintentional humor made by the participants is worth it.

Funny moments from the last episode:

after bad date Guy: “So, this is where we kiss?”

To one of the girls: “What’s 59 and 45?” “144!”

after receiving $250 ripped/bleached jeans Guy: "Paying over $200 for jeans that are, in some sense, damaged is ridiculous.

Given at 8PM on Wednesday on the WB.

I’ve seen the first two. I missed last nights pisode where the guys get a makeover. The Dukes of Hazzaard fan club president kills.

I actually know people that are similar to both groups on the show.
It scares me.

This show is great. The scary thing is, I have the same shirt (yellow with dark horizontal stripes) that Richard had on tonight. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to wear it again.

I’m a geek myself, and had some college friends who were even geekier than me. But I’ve never met anyone even approaching Richard on the geek-o-meter scale.

I have. A super nerd (I am too, but this guy was much worse), very narrowly focused on his own little interests, poor self-esteem, lousy social skills, but a real gentle soul.

Not very bright for a geek, except within his own little sphere. I think he got in the 5th percentile on the LSAT, but knew all about WW2 fighter planes.

And he’s expecting his first kid soon.


I have absolutely no need to see a parody of the less impressive moments of my life.

There have been four episodes I believe; tonight was the fourth.

It was the first one I saw so I went back and downloaded the first three.

Priceless quote from episode two: “Not only have I never sexually touched a woman, I have never not sexually touched a woman.”

I’ve never met anyone as weird as Richard either… he’s too expressive and has weird mannerisms. Thankfully, I’m not as bad as any of these guys… though Brad seems the most “normal” in the bunch.

Was it just me or did the new clothing for most of these guys not work at all. Only the first guy to appear when they showed the ‘after’ results looked noticeably better. The last 3 had somewhat better haircuts, but the clothing just seemed wrong. They all looked like Ryan Seacrest wannabes.

Then again, maybe that just shows how out of it I am, clothing-wise.

They were definitely out of their comfort zone but that’s what’s “in.” Richard looked damn near the same.

Saw this for the first time tonight – Richard should get his own show. He could probably fill an hour by hilmself. I sometime wonder if he’s really an actor or something, because his mannerisms are approaching Napolean Dynamite quality.

I could see him doing stand up comedy or something, he’d just have to tell stories and respond the way he naturally does.

My wife was hoping Richard would be out last night, but I (and certainly the producers, too) want him to go to the last show…

I cringe at this show idea but someone fighting for sanity in clothing prices is inspiring, to say the least. No pair of any jeans should cost $100, never mind $200.

Despite what you might think, the show isn’t really that insulting to the geeks. Nowhere near as bad as Average Joe.

I suspect that none of the geeks will feel cheated or abused after seeing the real, edited episodes air. That can’t be said of some reality shows.

Yea, the girls are pretty nice to them, at least now. The first episode had a number of negative comments and the third episode had a girl shuddering at the thought of them all touching her.

I think that it’ll come down to Richard and Chuck. They’re the livelihood of the show.

It still sounds painful. Socially inept guys hitting on women who get hit on all the time? It just sounds like an uncomfortable situation. But I guess I could check it out, if you guys think it is funny instead of embarassing.

They’re getting better. One of the assignments had them getting phone numbers, oOne guy got 14 phone numbers (from random women) and another got 10.

Last night’s episode will repeat tonight at 9.

4th episode, only 6 in first season.

It’s really not about geeky guys hitting on chicks. It’s more about geeky guys learning to be more social, and cute girls learning to look beyond image as well as use their minds more often.

So, who got eliminated this week? I actually liked that last week Chuck got up the gumption to hit on Scarlet, as he’s a decent, not TOO geeky fellow, and Scarlet is just super-hot.

OTOH, I absolutely despise Richard. He’s so godawful geeky that I’m convinced it has to be an act. And he’s incessant in his mugging and hamming-it-up for the cameras. I can understand if you’re a geek, but Richard is just fucking annoying.

Okay, I’m watching the replay of the latest episode of this, and I realize some of the reasons I hate Richard so much. It’s not just that he’s a geek, and a cheesy, mugging, attention-whore, but he also seems like a genuine ass about certain things as well. I just finished the part where the guys have to ask one of the girls out for dinner, and Richard’s reactions when he’s too late to ask Scarlet and Caitilin, and has to settle for Lauren, shows that he’s a bit of an asshole. It’s this weird mixture of indignation and outrage that the other guys beat him to his first choice(s), and a bit of petulance that he has to settle for his third choice with a good looking woman.

I dunno, maybe it’s just me, and he’s one of those people that just instantly gets under my skin, like a sliver under the fingernail, dipped in vinegar and rubbed with salt. I do know that I can’t wait for him to get his ass booted off the show.

He won’t be kicked off though. People watch so they can see him get kicked off!

Mindi, his partner, is the most attractive there. She seems like a nice girl too.

I haven’t seen this show, so could someone define what they are presenting as “geek?” Is it social, appearance, behavioral, predilictions, or a combination of these?

I wonder because I consider myself a geek, and have worked among geeks, but have always found a surprising diversity in all other aspects, despite our overarching love of the technical.


The main qualification for the show for geek seems to be inexperience/ineptness with women. The geeks aren’t particularly unattractive (none are obese, and looks seem ~average). A few are in ‘smart’ professions, but a few seem unspecified - one qualifies because he’s Vice President of the national Dukes of Hazzard fan club.

For that matter, the girls are supposed to be gorgeous but rather dim. In fact, while none will likely steal your Rhodes scholarship, they, too, seem to be of varying intelligences, but not overly dumb on the whole.