Because FFXI and Square weren't masochist enough

I’ve noticed that thread with the complaints about the monthly fee on the XBOX360 not being so transparent. This goes beyond (WARNING - link to personal gripes).

On the box of the PC expansion no mention that the game requires the basic FFXI, nor that it requires a monthly fee.

After all the useless burdens of the billing system, characters and full accounts being deleted if you unsubscribe for too long, the impossibility to play in a window without using a 3rd party hack, the annoying front end and micromanagment to step in the game and the obsolete interface and design, this is the very last straw.

Square decided that their best marketing strategy is to cripple the game in every way possible.

I have an american account since at that time there was no european version. There’s no way to buy the key code for the last expansion online so I decided to get it from an european shop. Importing it would mean spending TWICE the retail cost of the box for shipment+taxes.

What I discovered is that the european version won’t install on the american one even if they are both english and identic. After using some dummy registry keys I was able to Mac Guyver past the problem, install the expansion and patch the client. It works, I can play. But now I cannot register the expansion on my account since it doesn’t accept the key code I have.

What I want to ask you is how this can make sense. In a game where with the same user and pass you can play on PC, PSX2 and XBOX360. From Italy, USA, Australia or Japan. On the exact same servers that are shared globally. But you STILL cannot use a key code from a different location.

Can you imagine some LOGIC reasons behind this? How it could make sense?

SquareEnix self-publishes, so there isn’t even the excuse of protecting the local market. Why do they care where the hell I buy the expansion?

The fun is that I heard that an italian game magazine received a review european copy but now they cannot use it because they also have original american accounts since when the game wasn’t available in europe. So they cannot enable the expansion for those high-level characters and all the content in the expansion is only for those high levels.

Square will do without their review thanks to more retarded, masochist policies.

Heh…so you hate this game and are very annoyed with it…BUT, you think Square should be upset that you won’t be reviewing it? that’s classic.

I hate the retard, masochist parts of the game, not all of it. Those same parts that have been object of discussion many time on these forums (like when people tried to reactivate an account to discover their character is gone, if not the whole account).

I’m also not the one who was supposed to review the game. I don’t work for any game mag. I just reported that to underline how that policy makes no sense.

For some odd reason it seems Square doesn’t like money and tries everything it can to turn off potential customers.

So in other words, after all of those complaints that aren’t about the game itself, the “last straw” is that the European version of the expansion won’t work with the US version of the original game? Just a scathing criticism. Also, the word you’re looking for is “sadistic,” not “masochist.”

What is it about FFXI that inspires such rage in people? It seems like there’s this constant flow of semi-capitalized, poorly-written posts about mundane things like this, which they would never complain about if it were any other game. For example, this exact issue also affected Night of the Raven, and nobody cared.

What’s really interesting is that it doesn’t work. I mean I guess they could have more customers, but Squenix products are like money trees at this point. I think the FF series has LOTS of annoying aspects, but it will always sell.

List of things HRose doesn’t like about FFXI:

  1. SquareEnix’s billing system.
  2. The Playonline frontend for logging in.
  3. Requirement of a third party tool to run the game in a window.
  4. Incompatibility between regional versions.
  5. SquareEnix’s policy of not keeping cancelled characters forever.

Notice the common thread? HRose, if that’s all you have to complain about, FFXI is probably the most unassailably perfect game ever.

You might want to get out your dictionary–Square aren’t the masochists here.

A sadist is one who enjoys the pain of others.
A masochist is one who hurts himself.

Square here is masochist (and this one is only the last example) because they cripple their game and turn off customers.

They don’t enjoy me suffering for the game (that would be being sadist), they just lose the customers that they could have.

And I don’t think FFXI is doing extremely well. It lost a good amount of subscribers in the last year and the XBOX360 got awful reviews everywhere.

Read the bottom of this picture:

Notice it says “Additional online fees required”? The Aht Urhgan box has the same exact message. They both say “Expansion Pack.”

Are you really that stupid?

S-E doesn’t seem to be suffering for it, which is why I said what I did. I was wrong. You do know what sadistic and masochistic mean. You just don’t know how well or poorly FFXI is doing.

That’s the Promathia box, not the one I’m talking about.

I have the new exp in front of my eyes. This is what I see:

Upper left: PC DVD ROM
Upper right: for Windows
Center: Final Fantasy XI Online Treasure of Aht Urhgan
Bottom: 12+ logo, nvidia logo, PlayOnline logo, SquareEnix logo

Nothing else, same for the back cover.

At least on the european version.

The image is tiny but it’s the box I received.

Jesus Christ.


His box is different.

Yeah you guys he has the european verson.


I figure if you’re playing a console RPG on a PC the box should actually read “Additional Gay Required”

Fine. I still have a hard time believing that’s not indicated on the back, but I can’t find a scan of it.

Regardless, you obviously knew both of those bits of information, so what do you care?

Wasn’t your whole post about all the trials you’ve put yourself through in order to play the game? They’ve already gotten a lot of your money, so I fail to see how they’re hurting themselves. You, on the other hand…

The sad thing is how many other ways the game is crippled also. It totally pissed me off every time I ran into some shitty game restriction…

You have to install the client from CD (unlike every other MMO) or else all the incredibly pointless links it has in the registry aren’t there so it won’t run, so patching is an instant nightmare (maybe you can copy the old install over the new one, I don’t know if I tried it. It didn’t work if I did.)

Only one character. Period. Unless you want to pay more.

You can’t pick a server, so if you bought it expecting to play with a friend who also got it at the same time, too freaking bad (I did. and couldn’t.)

The auction house organization is terrible (I heard the japanese version was better organized, I wouldn’t really know though)

The interface is the console interface. There’s nothing different in the slightest on the PC version.

The graphics are terrible on the PC version. What, did they use bilinear filtering or none at all? Of course, you can force your own outside of the game which made it playable.

It’s near impossible to solo

…honestly, I could bitch about this game all night, but I think I summed up most of it. It was kind of an interesting game, but way too much BS.

I switched over to City of Heroes and had a blast. (Done with CoH now, but it was great.)

I happened to spot this expansion as I was browsing EB games today and I can confirm HRose’s claim that nowhere on the European box does it indicate that it is an expansion or that you need to pay any fees.