Because you're into Bioshock Infinite for the gunplay

Title Because you're into Bioshock Infinite for the gunplay
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When August 8, 2013

The $20 three-part season's pass you bought for Bioshock Infinite before knowing what DLC it included begins today with a horde mode called Clash in the Clouds. I like a good horde mode as much as the next guy..

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Today? I think you mean July 30th. At least, that's when it launched on PC, natural home of the first-person shooter.

But yeah, the season pass is pretty disappointingly bait-and-switchy. It sounds like Burial at Sea will cost more than the Season Pass's $20 in total, but I was still expecting three story DLCs, not a horde mode and one story DLC broken into two parts.

Loved or hated the gunplay in that game, you got ENOUGH of it, no matter how you see it, so this dlc is pointless.

I'll do you one better, Tom. I've got this 250-page fantasy children's book I'm planning to make into a movie. And by "a movie" I mean two movies. No wait, three.

Well played.

Interested in learning more about Burial at Sea, that horde mode can fez right off.