Bedside reading light?

The halogen desk lamp I’ve used for reading at night for the past 11 years finally crapped out on me this week. So I need a bedside light that’s pretty aimable, so I can read magazines and graphic novels without disturbing my wife too much. I use a book light for books and the Kindle, but those don’t work so well with comics. :)

The Edge Lighting Night Owl looks perfect, but $130 is a bit more than I wanted to spend right now for a reading lamp.

Curious as to whether any of ya’ll have found a good solution for this.

That does seem awful expensive. You could go with my poor student route. I ran an extension cord up one of my bed posts, secured the outlet portion of it with a little grip-clip thing, and plugged a dollar store night night into it. Total cost: Under $10.

The Edge looks nice, but I agree that it’s probably overpriced. LED is cool, but it doesn’t even have a dimmer which I assume might be useful in your situation.

Ikea actually has decent and affordable lights, particularly in the table lamp category. (All incandescent, I think). The $15 Basisk lights I bought from them, a couple of years ago, each shipped with both the mounting kit you see in the photo there and an attractive, well-made clamp that doesn’t seem to be depicted or mentioned on the web page, that I use to clamp the light to the headboard.

Do you have trouble getting to sleep? Don’t read in bed!

A bit off topic, I know, but I stopped reading in bed (and watching tv) years ago and usually get to sleep with 3-5 minutes. It’s glorious!

If I don’t read in bed, I never get to sleep. Takes all kinds, I guess.

Ott Lite is the correct answer. Their bulbs are full-spectrum to mimic sunlight and I can attest that they minimize eyestrain as advertised. From that page, I’ve got an older model of the black task lamp (no handle) that’s been on my bedside table for years. The learning lamp might work as well, but I really like the task lamp because I can just open it a little way for indirect lighting that is more than sufficient to read by without waking my wife, while opening it further provides much more light when needed. The learning lamp might work as well, but I’ve never used one. If you’ve got a Joann Fabrics nearby, they always carry the task lamp and you can usually find a 20% off coupon in the paper.

I picked up one of these from Ikea last week

Works really well. The energy saving bulb takes a minute to warm up, but it provides a solid reading light. And it only uses 7 watts.